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Shawn Carpetbagger:

Your pal Shawn Carpetbagger here. Who is coming to town this year? I am helping book a house show Saturday during SXSW. Last year we had OBNOX, The Manatees, Broncho, Love Collector, & more. Bob Guccione Jr., David Geffen, & Harvey Leeds were at the show scouting talent. Several bands signed lucrative contracts with major record labels. If your band or someone you know want a future in this business, find me on Facebook or e-mail me at bubblegumdamage@sbcglobal.net! This is the big time. This is rock n' roll.

What's the guarantee? What kind of rider are we talking about (shit beer or the good stuff)? Will there be a tailor and hairdresser on site? What Hotel will we be put up at (yeah, i didn't say Motel, did I???)? You're guaranteeing that David Geffin will be there? Who is Bob Guccione Jr.? You're guaranteeing that he will be there?