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ida slapter:

November is Manatee Awareness Month a time to celebrate the gentle giants!!!
Jack Stands:

Hugh Manatee was alive in Memphis from the end of October, through the beginning of December. Seems appropriate. 12/11, never forget.
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I once had a Manatee (or Dugong as we call 'em over here) swim up to me in the surf - scared the living shit out of me !!
eric o:

Yeah, anything that big is gonna be intimidating one on one! Sweet Manatees! Please don't run over 'em in your speedboats this month!
dutch hercules:

Imagine, back in the old sailor days Manatees were sexy ladies!
eric o:

The stuff of waking dreams...
Tom Lee the Manatee:

How many time Tom Lee gotta tell you, Jackie Wackie? Stupid fuckin' hippies don't know shit about us Manatees!