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Jack Stands:

Would you like to?
Local Memphis film-maker, musician, and all around swell dude, Robert Allen Parker has made a movie along with Nan Hackman (no slouch, either) in conjunction with Indie Memphis. Not just about the Grifters, but Tav Falco, the Dickinson family, Jeff Evans, DJ Spanish Fly, Alicja Trout, Oblivians, Al Kapone and other greats; trailer here:

I wish them well, can't wait to see it, and I'm also looking forward to the film makers (and the bands and the venue) letting us stream the Grifters directly to you, for free, Saturday night at 10:00 pm CST.

First time playing out in quite some time. So if you haven't seen them, maybe heard about them, or maybe you know as well as I do how great they are, you can watch here, thanks to them:
eric o:

Movie looks great, hope it is. Grifters have grooves!
Dammit Dave:

They're on the list - One Sock Missing / Crapping You Negative.

They should do a tour. They were fucking great to see!!
Jack Stands: