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Help me out?

Flamin Groovies w/Cyril Jordan & Chris Wilson)
New Salem Witch Hunters


Dream Syndicate
Split Squad w/Clem Burke & Keith Streng

I don't think I understand the question

Both shows are at the Beachland. Owing to family stuff, work, home up-keep, personal business, & upcoming holiday season, it serves me best if I skip one. Would love to see both. Looking for some help to decide which show is less of a "can't miss." I should also note that I don't know the line-up of Dream Syndicate & they are only playing 4 shows.
Mark Beef:

Clem Burke is a badass and I know nothing about the New Salem Witch Hunters so Dream Syndicate gets my vote


I think I would go with groovies, remember good things from new Salem witch hunters.

That's a tough one. Love the Syndicate but with no Karl Precoda, I think I might have to go for the Grrovies. Whose songs do you like more?

There are more FGs records that I like than Dream Syndicate, but DS is only playing 4 shows in the US & I've never seen Clem Burke play live.

I am leaning towards Dream Syndicate for those reasons, plus, the hope that I get a chance to see Flamin' Groovies again at some point.
Jesse Garon:

Dude, you need to see both these shows. Figure out a way to save up $25 (1/2 tank of gas?) and BYOB.

Failing that, skip Dream Syndicate. Groovies won't be around that long, and Clem Burke plays with 3 different outfits.

Dude, you need to see both these shows. Figure out a way to save up $25

Money's not the problem, time is. I won't bore you with the details of my life which is equal parts awesome & exhausitng.

You have struck a nerve, though... I need to quit being a little bitch, strap on a set of nuts, & go to both. The gas won't get shut off if I don't work a couple of Saturdays. I probably haven't been to the Beachland since I saw My Dad Is Dead a couple of years ago. Shameful.
Jesse Garon:


Flamin' Groovies were great. No "Teenage Head" or "Yesterday's Numbers", but still lots of good stuff like "Shake Some Action", "Tallahassie Lassie", & they did "Paint It Black" for an encore.

^ nice.