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The Gonerfest Photofest opens at Crosstown Arts next to the New Hi Tone on Friday September 20 and runs until sometime in October.

Have you ever taken a photo during any of the last nine Gonerfests? If so, print your best and/or favorite photo and bring it to Gonerfest 10 or send it with a friend or send it to the Goner Store(Attn: BullyRook). If you bring it make sure you find me. It won't be hard.

I will be collecting prints all thru Gonerfest 10 and displaying them at various Gonerfest venues and ultimately adding them to the Gonerfest Photofest at Crosstown Arts.

If your picture is especially spectacular be prepared for it to be stolen before it ever gets to the Aftershow.

Pictures from Gonerfest 2 & 3 are especially encouraged.

Don't send Costco prints in triangle containers!