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Jack Stands:

Going through LOTS of old DAT tapes of showss that were unlabled.

Who was in Wild Emotions? Ring a bell with anyone?
Jack Stands:

Girl sounds familiar, Daphne maybe?

Yes. Daphne was in it all girls from Jackson.

There was supposed to be a period after "it" and a capital "A".
Jack Stands:

Also found a tape with Gringos and Vegas Thunder from 2000. Did not tape the opening band.

Opening band? C.C. Riders.
Jack Stands:

Found one DM tape, Scott, but it snapped. Will keep looking for more. I may have a backup of the WAV on a CDR or old PC somewhere.

WEs = Daphne, Chrissy Valentine, Mary Elizabeth Cochran + lead singer whose name escapes me at the moment.

Chrissy's daughter?
Mike Rushing's Anal Princess?
(different people)

Ashley McKay, Daphne Nabors, Chrissy Valentine, Mary Elizabeth Cochran, and Ruby Carol Rogers (no longer in band). New 7" out on Blahll Records www.blahllrecs.com
joe danger:

i had to get on here when I saw mention of that old vegas thunder show. that was vegas thunder's "givin' it back" show, where the door was free, and we purchased kegs of beer to give out free at the bar (the south end) and we left cigarettes and platinum plus v.i.p. cards on all the tables. We did it for two years in a row. in fact, i think that one was "givin' it back two".

eric o:

Vegas Thunder gave it back, good. SOUTH END!

deli sho 4evr

I remember seeing a Vegas thunder show at the south end where the drums caught fire and Ben broke his ankle. I think jackballers played too?