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Tommy Trouble:

RCA 25" (?) w/remote (tube set that was in our guest room).
RCA VCR w/remote
Panasonic DVD changer/receiver w/remote and subwoofer


Let me know if you're interested.
Hit me on FB or leave me a message here.
Tommy Trouble:

Oh yeah...the TV isn't HD.

The stuff isn't great, but if you're short a tv, it might be better than nothing.

I also have a Behringer U-Phono UFO202 --It makes turntables go into computers (you can use it with Audacity).

I'm tossing everything one week from today.
joseph t:

I want the VCR
Tommy Trouble:

Joe, it's yours.

Text me when you'll be out this way. We can leave it in the mudroom in the back.

The tv has also been claimed.

Anyone want a dvd changer/surround sound receiver and sub (all in one system, but we're still using the speakers)??
Luke Warm:

I'd take the DVD thingy off yer hands if it ain't yet claimed for.
Tommy Trouble:

Hey, Luke...it's yours!! Do you have my contact info?
Luke Warm:

I don't...but you can catch me at kyle AT rocketscienceaudio.com
Tommy Trouble: