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saint sarah:

After the hi-tone show ends, head the the Buccaneer for more righteous sounds.

NO BAILS, flushed down the Orgone Toilet, washing up from Kalamazoo MI. True party tards

MAC BLACKOUT BAND, former Mickey front man's newest glam band. If the Lost Boys had a rock band instead of an oiled up sexy sax player, it'd have been these guys.

NOTS, sharp punk from the ladies of Ex-Cult, Manateees, and Moving Finger.

do it

I will do my best.
saint sarah:

*This will also be a record release show.

Mac Blackout Band's newest single "Heartbreaker" on Pelican Pow Wow records, available at the show and thereafter until it is sold out.

Whiskey Bent:

Awesome, Sarah!
Looking forward to this show.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/eattosurvive/9738655588/sizes/l/in/photos tream/