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Looks cool!
eric o:

The Bootleg book by Clinton Heylin (sp?) hinted strongly about the origins of Rhino... in unauthorized recordings. Love Rhino and Rhino Records still exists in Claremont... dang!

I was wondering about that back when this was first posted...I wrote something and then chickened out about posting it. Even as a kid it seemed like the Rhino's business model was to buy up or "borrow" obscure stuff and make a marginal profit in a niche market.

I was introduced to UK and NY punk by Rhino....UK on cassette NY on CD!

Look forward to reading this.
Mr Sonninen:

Does anyone have that cool bat-shaped vinyl record they used to sell? Don't remember the artist though.

This thing?

Mr Sonninen:

Oh yeah, that's the one. It's a beauty. Thanks for the pic.

Yeah it is a beaut. Look at the other ones on there...they have the first series that is shaped like a pumpkin.
Mr Sonninen:

Yeah I did look all the photos. Pumpkin is amazing... and great cover art all the ways. So many records I would like to hear.

me too! me too!