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Jack Stands:

Been thinking a lot about it lately. Really looking forward to seeing y'all again.

I'm probably going to start coming around allot more for non-Goner related things...I've had to cancel two trips in the past month because I have so much Ohio related stuff to attend....Gonerfest is the icing on the cake.

gonerfest is in ohio this year?

Uh...no. I haven't been able to make it to Memphis because I've had stuff in Ohio to do. First week in September I'll be in Nashville.
I am the Arm:

skank police:

Saddle up, cowpokes!
bazooka joe:


giddy up !

I got a rockin 5 week vacation starting next seek - finishing up at Gonerfest

got a shitlaod of good shows to see

looks like we (me and amber) are going to be there friday night/saturday afternoon! we might have porch honkees RECORDS for sale too!!! i will bring a stack of my latest vinyl if anyone is interested. rev norb and the onions new single, onions lp, evolutions 2006 lp nanne put out, etc.

see you fuckers in memphis!!!
Jack Stands:


I'll bring some records to trade...do you know my discography?
I am the Arm:

I will bring some weed
m t millionaire:

I could bring some cats and still have a lot of cats at home. True story.
I am the Arm:

Just stick to instagramming the shit out of those cats! They might poop and stuff.

Gonerfest is the Mecca of true rock n roll. Best time of the year
Jesse Garon:

the Mecca

will Goners have to shave their heads and wear white togas?

No, but there's a cadre of virgins that huff Louie's gas and divine what will be OOP next month.

are we talking farts or gasoline here?


getting super stoked!!
Jack Stands:

Three weeks and a day away!

I'm having a hard time getting in shape for GF. I can't stay up late, have been getting wretched hangovers... I'm hoping all the bbq I plan on eating will power me through.

I'm in a band for the first time in my life and we're playing gonerfest. Go easy on me 'k? I don't have all my rock and roll singer microphone slinging moves down yet.

Other than that, I can't wait.