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Spacecase Records:

New Axemen LP out now -- Sat Tap Nut Jam. This is the first Axemen full length of new material in over two decades. (Not counting, or course, Siltbreeze's great reissues and the Negative Guest List single). Steve McCabe, Stu Kawowski, Dragan Stojanovic (returning to the fold -- Dragan played on Derry Legend) and new Axeman, William Daymond. Truthfully, this was only going to be a single, but there was enough standout material to easily warrant an LP. Really happy with this record.

Collector info: 500 pressed up, 100 on gold.

We've got about 35 gold records. First come, first served. (In The Red's mail order will have 25 gold copies and Goner will have some too.)

Kiwis: Axemen will have 25 gold and 75 black vinyl copies. Should be there in two weeks, give or take.

Distro through Revolver.

Buy it from us here: http://www.spacecaserecords.com/axemen-sac-tap-nut-jam

Thanks, everyone.