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This realy isn't very funny unless you have stayed in the Motel 6 on Union for Gonerfest! Woohoo! I been there!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3fOeAyuiyTo#at= 19

I can't believe this thread is still commentless...fucking Memphis, Motel 6, hookers, bed bugs...all good Gonerboard fodder to me.
I am the Arm:

prolly the worst prank call ever

Yeah, but if you needed any confirmation of the hookers in Motel 6 on Union...there you go. You always assume as much, but you seldom get definitive proof...pretty much the cheapest hotel in a ten mile radius is always the hooker hotel.

This bullshit is no Mr. Coke.

Jesse Garon:

all good Gonerboard fodder to me

clearly, you're wrong. just like always.

Look dude, just because nobody is responding to it, doesn't mean nobody likes it. Alot of us have gotten bit up with bed bugs at that hotel.....so understandably allot of folks are shy about it.....it's the snots like you that I can count on to respond.