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saint sarah:

Heavy Lids is the new project of John Henry (Static Static, Detonations, Sex Hunter, etc.) with Heather aka Marie Dufrane (who was also in Static Static). Andy Rotz (die Rotz) plays lead guitar, Jayme Kilal (also from Sex Hunter) plays bass, and Benny Divine (Wizzard Sleeve, Missing Monuments, Natural Child Family Band, Super Nice Bros, etc) plays drums. The record was recorded at the Spellcaster Lodge by Quintron this past Spring

Heavy Lids will be playing Gonerfest 10 this year

Records available soon from GONER and other fine stores or from pelicanpowwow.com
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So good....
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saint sarah:

"Unmarked white van Creep Rock in the golden tradition of Crime or '80s Chrome (but this is the mean streets of New Orleans, not SF)--- led by John Henry (Static Static, Detonations, Sex Hunter) and Heatha (Static Static), both fresh out of jail & tuff as nails & punk as shit. WITH Benny Divine (Natural Chile, Gary Wrong/Wizzard Sleeve, Missing Monuments) and Andy Goceljerk (Die Rotzz, Pallbearers, Insurgent Sting) - both fresh from the big chinese buffet - and the catlike Jayme (Sex Hunter, Microshards) on bass gurgle. Buy or DIE. Nice handscreened, numbered sleeves too."

-Michael Bateman

Buy or DIE

Whoah. I had no idea Andy's last name was do crazy.
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http://www.goner-records.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPa th=4&products_id=11352