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He had a stroke not long ago, everyone thought he was on the road to recovery.

Jasper de Wilde:

Saw three evenly great T-Model Ford shows.
First time was on the Belgian Dour festival, not that many people came to see him play but he totally killed it for the people who did show up.
Second time, the Fat Possum tour came to Amsterdam with 20 Miles and Paul Jones. Sadly R.L. Burnside had to cancel on that show because of his health. T-Model was headlining and I almost missed him cuz I nearly passed out on the weed. Me and weed don't go well together.
Last time I saw him the Neckbones were opening for him, boy, what a great night!
Feel very honoured to see him play three times over here in Europe.

Especially loved getting to hear him play with Spam, what a pair of characters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzO02-6Z8JY


I saw him with RL in 98...Spam was there...pretty sure.

was that the tour with bob log opening? spam was on that tour when i saw it in seattle

No...Bob Log wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure Schooley was backing up RL...he was the headliner....

I've seen Bob Log three times, years apart...everytime I've ever seen him he has vomitted in his helmet mid song....one time I was right up in front and it got all over his helmet and was dripping all down his jump suit...the first time I ever witnessed it, I wasn't paying attention untill people told me he puked....the third time I was watching for it.

The T-Model/RL show was some sort of local church fundraiser/Fat Possum review...they had nuns in nun habits taking the money and serving drinks....there was someone that played first who I was bummed out about missing, and thustly put it out of my mind forever....it may have been Cedell Davis, but that's just to horrible for me to consider...I don't want to know at this point.
eric o:

T Model Ford w/Spam in the back room of the Arcade... incredible. Can't remember who played with them that night... Louie? Reatards? can't remember. All I remember is T-Model boogie all night long.

dutch hercules:

FUCK!!! saw him at Magic Stick in Detroit with Spam he said the following as me and my friends were downstairs havin some Black Labels..."...how yall doin, Spam cant drink like me!" then we saw his ass play upstairs and folks went ape shit! RIP T Model! (pee wee got my gun)