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dutch hercules:

"douche whip" ?

I like it. It has flair. I'm gonna try it out tomorrow.

What happened to douche nozzle?

someone's whipping you with it, bruce.
bazooka joe:

like the whore that you are.

"spoon in the poop!"...that was the best one of my little sisters could come up with when I made her cuss as a toddler. It has some staying power.

a popular insult when I was young was "feaster" and was often coupled with "feast on me" while doing the jerk off arm motion. totally bringing that one back.
Thee Gilded Chimera:

Back in the winter of '86/ spring of '87 a handful of ppl in jr. high would use "SUCK A FART." as their retort. After that, the expression faded off into obscurity. Unbeknownst to me, apparently, it was used in other parts of the planet in more recent milieus . .... .

Dammit Dave:

It writes itself. Here's the chorus, now we need some versus:

Douche whip, you're a douche whip baby
Spoon in the poop, you can suck a fart

Douche whip, you're a douche whip baby
Like the whore that you are, the whore that you are

Douche whip, you're a douche whip baby
C'mon little feaster you can feast on me

Douche whip, you're a douche whip baby
After that you faded off into obscurity

Spoonin the poop, you're just spoonin the poop baby,
Suck a fart why don't you just suck on a fart baby?!
See this Busch? I'm gonna dump it on your head,
C'mon little feaster, feast on me till you're dead.

I gotta douche whip baby gonna slap it on your face,
Gonna wipe that Dirty Sanchez stache off your face!
There aint no nozzle on this piss douche
Just like a bitch husky you better moosh!

Gonna get dirty give ya a cyclone baby,
Lubes in your fancy coffee get you good and ready,
Little teenage brat aint got a clean bone in your body
Your only 16 fading off into obscurity!

You better wipe your dick off in your Mom's hairy pussy
Just like I did when she gave me some nooky,
Some eye drops will make your shit real runny
And if you die of dysentery it's gonna be really funny.
dutch hercules:

douche whip!!! ja ja ja!!

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The song Douche Whip is sung to the tune of Cool Jerk by the Capitols. Get Weird Al on the phone, dammit.
dutch hercules:

doooooouuuchue whiiiip...... douchewhip!
Jesse Garon:

"get off my case, toilet face!"

"take a skip, douchewhip!"

you are thinking of an old Cool Whip commercial, there, stubbsy . come on, baby!

Jizz bib

^ you mean like a pearl necklace?

"douche whip"

To be honest, it's just not got enough pizzazz to last.

Jizz bib
^ you mean like a pearl necklace?

I would imagine that "jizz bib" would be be more of an insult referring to a person, whereas "pearl necklace" is a thing of beauty.

eg. "I put a pearl neckless all over that jizz bib!"