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Sounds pretty good tho.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=niCHJe7wuXM
Rev Robert G Lee:

That was great, thanks
bazooka joe:

sick! love the crowd shot, too.

HINT: if you hold your phone sideways you wont get the black bars on the sides.

HINT: if you hold your phone sideways you wont get the black bars on the sides.


Yeah.. Was shooting a lot of vertical on my film cameras just prior.. So I think I just fell back into that..

Horizontal video of "Woke Up in a Police Car" in Portland. Not so shaky, except when Yamhill was flailing around. Sound's pretty shit though. I need to get a camera that has adjustable audio levels or something.


And before anyone says anything, yes that is a dutch tilt. Sinister!

Yeah, my camcorder has adjustable levels but I forget how to adjust them as soon as I relearn how to do it.

It's realy sort of senseless...I was mostly just carrying a camcorder everywhere with me for awhile because I went off my meds and needed a prop to focus on in crowds (also to catch GirlsGoneWild moments)....now I'm back on 25mg's of zoloft and everything is hunkydory again. I have all kinds of footage I never even went back and watched, it doesn't even matter that I was usually so drunk I can't remember what happened.

When I was hanging out with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, he kept telling his tour manager to tell me not to tape them, but I was so drunk I kept forgetting. On the third time they were seriously like "what the fuck"...I was like sorry Jon I'm on drugs, do you want the memory stick? What a good sport! Shared his blueberry beer with me. Then after all of that, I lost the memory stick anyway...I think I accidentally recorded over it with True Sons of Thunder.

Yeah, it's a fun hobby.