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It's really good! From what I've been told the manila sleeve thing with no song titles was Columbus Discounts preference and Don was none too happy about it. Also if you think it's weird about side 2 being 45rpm, I do know that past Basshole LP's were done the same way. I know that one copy I got is kind of warped, but at 45 you don't even notice it realy, so I wonder if they do that so they can get a deal on some warped wax...i don't know...it's interesting...and the songs are cool as shit so check it out.
Record Shop Asshole:

It's one of the best albums that's come out this year but I never want to take it out and play it because the packaging is so annoying.

Yeah man...that's what everyone is saying...I always put my records behind the cardboard sleeve in their paper sleave anyway so it's no big deal to me...alot of people are complaining no song titles, I actually have the song titles only because Don accidentaly sent me a test pressing because he was tired of getting them out of the packaging also!

Realy good record...

I think the whole 45rpm side 2 is some matter of practicality....I'll probbably ask at some point. Personaly I think it's kinda cool.

Sounds cool. I love this footage with Jeff Evans.

Jasper de Wilde:

The record's quite hard to get though. At least in Europe it is.
And also all distributors mentioned on Columbus Discount were out of it for a while so I got kinda worried there. Found out Goner managed to get some copies again so I happily made a big ass order to save on shipping!
Can't wait to have it, and the other records I ordered, on my turntable.
Jasper de Wilde:

Boogieman Stew

Side 1 (33 rpm)
1) Express Man (The Groundhogs) 4:49
2) I Spy (Something White) 2:34
3) Paranoia Paradise (Wayne County) 2:58
4) Supersonic Blues (Howland) 3:34
5) Rubber Boots (Howland) 4:46

Side 2 (45 rpm)
1) Rock Candy Mountain (Howland) 4:39
2) I'll Take the Low Road (Howland) 1:27
3) Caucasion Guilt (Noh Mercy) 1:06
4) 21st Century Hobo Blues (Howland) 5:19

Don Howland ~ guitar, vocals, organ
Bim Thomas ~ drums

Pete Remenyi ~ harmonica on Express Man
Damon Sturdivant ~ guitar on Paranoia Paradise
Ellen Hoover ~ vocals on Supersonic Blues
Tom and Dave Shannon ~ guitars on Supersonic Blues

Recorded, Engineered and Produced by Adam Smith in the old CDR basement, except Rubber Boots, which was recorded in Studio A at Mus-i-Col.
bazooka joe:

Tom and Dave Shannon ~ guitars on Supersonic Blues

Jasper de Wilde:

And the whole package just arrived a minute ago!!!

Useless Eater:

Chris, no deals on warped wax. I would attribute the warpage to the summertime heat during all stages of shipping. Would be awesome if they used 100% unvirgin Jamaican recycled vinyl with ground up center labels in the grooves. That would be a deep discount.

So sad that I didn't notice this in the Goner cart when I ordered a few days ago. Will be looking to cop this if you're Holden while we're on tour. Cheater Slicks guitars fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Yeah...jamaican vinyl with sawdust added! Like Island (?) used to do. That would be rad!

Yeah, I figured the wax would be hot when it's being stamped so there is no way it would be warped to begin with.....none the less, the normal copy I got was warped in the heat, I mean realy warped, but since the side is 45 rpm it doesn't really matter....

I mean I have some other Bassholes that are 45 on side 2 LP's....I wonder if this is like some practical consideration....it should be......like I wonder if side 2 is what usually gets fucked up when the records warp or something.

Pretty sure more than one Bassholes record is 45 on side 2.