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eric o:

Our 10th and biggest fest yet... bands, beer, bbq!

Thursday Afternoon Sept 26
Opening Ceremonies
Goner Store Gazebo
Talbot Adams + Special Guests

Thursday Night Sept 26

Hi Tone
Quintron - Ex-Cult - Tyvek - Barbaras
Catholic Spray - Blind Shake

Friday Afternoon Sept 27
Buccaneer Parking Lot Party
Gino & The Goons - Jackpot - Martin Savage Gang
+ Special Guests

Friday Night Sept 27
Hi Tone
Mudhoney - Human Eye - Head - Cheap Time
Viva L'American Death Ray- True Sons Of Thunder

Saturday Afternoon Sept 28
Sugar Stems -Buck Biloxi - Hemingers - Bantam Rooster
Manateees - Cybelle Blood - Digital Leather - Cuntz
Spray Paint - Heavy Lids

Saturday Night Sept 28

Hi Tone
Cosmic Psychos - Destruction Unit - Wizzard Sleeve
CC Riders - Onyas - Autodramatics

Sunday Afternoon Sept 29
Goner Store Gazebo
Louis Bee King
+ Special Guests

We are also very excited to be screening the
Cosmic Psychos Movie
Blokes You Can Trust

And are also hosting a Gonerfest Photo Show
with the world's best photographers


Record Shop Asshole:

Great fucking lineup.

In terms of bands I've seen before, really looking forward to:

Barbaras (really glad they made it on the lineup...I like their recordings enough, but they're great live).
Gino & the Goons
Mudhoney (did not think they were good live, but it was an outdoor venue in front of thousands upon thousands of people)
Human Eye
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks

As for bands I haven't seen, can't wait for:

True Sons of Thunder
Bantam Rooster
Cosmic Psychos
CC RIder

To be able to see them all in one place is crazy!

Is Louis Bee King some incarnation of King Louie Bankston?

Of course it is. That dude is Gonerfest.Awesome breakdown by RSA. I can't freaking wait. I need this. I've become almost a recluse here lately, its tough getting me out of the woods. GF 10 will do it. Friday is AMAZING.
Pistol Pez:

Friday is AMAZING

no shit! my liver is in serious danger.
Joe Pestilence:

Mudhoney is playing on top of the fucking Space Needle right now. PARTY!!!!!

My head nearly exploded at the news of Guitar Wolf in the gazeebo. I instantly bought my ticket... I was going no matter what, just procrastinatin' on buying my ticket. Booking hoe-tel tonight!

I booked my hotel. I booked the shit out of it!

Bummed about Barbaras! What happened? They were one of the highlights from my first Gonerfest in 2007.
Record Shop Asshole:

What! How'd you find out? Goddammit.

Goner email mailing list told me so.
Whiskey Bent:

> Well, I got the guts to purchase my plane ticket today despite being terrified of flying :-(
> Golden Pass Purchased = Check
> Room(s) Reserved = Check

Eeee! Stoked to see SO many of my favorites on one bill (again):

Guitar Wolf on a street corner!?!!? Whuuut? Wow.
Human Eye!
Wizzard Sleeve!!!!!!
Destruction Unit!
Digital Leather!

And stoked about all the new ones!

Buck Biloxi!
Spray Paint! (ATX!)
Blind Shake!

And CC Rider!? Rad
Louie Bee King??! Haa! Yes! XOXO!

Moreover, looking forward to seeing you all in Memphis again!!