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greg O:

A friend sent me a link to this trailer for a forthcoming documentary. Looks great. I'd like to see it.

I knew Billy well. He was a good guy.
eric o:

In 89/90 I worked at the Kinko's in Central Square near MIT, and did show fliers for Billy's Middle East shows in exchange for beer. Bummer was the shift ended at 11 and shows ended at 12- missed wayyyy too many great shows. Torture.

Billy was the best. He'd be walking down the street reading a paperback, same suit he'd been wearing for days. Booked the best shows. Had the best of hearts and was blasted all the time, knew more than any of us ever will about important stuff of all sorts. Went crazy during shows.

Personal hero and RIP.

http://www.boston.com/ae/music/articles/2010/10/29/remembering_billy_r uane/

I was going to ask how he died but just googled it, this article doesn't say either, but there is a quote from Buffalo Tom guy and the J Geils singer!

http://thephoenix.com/Boston/music/110963-billy-ruane-saying-goodbye-t o-a-whirlwind/?page=2#TOPCONTENT

Billy came into Karmi Records (me and my brothers short lived record store in Allston) and spoke obsessively about Marlene Dietrich in Rio LP. Good times.

in the first 27 seconds he looks like al pacino, robert downy jr., dustin hoffman, the jew from Mad Men, and danzig. might even throw in a kyle mccloughlin somewhere. james spader possibly, even.

i never heard of the guy before, but this looks like a good movie. i will definitely see it.