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dutch hercules:

It looks really funny when i see these people puffin em! Sooo....I might buy one, yeeeaah....! sooo fresh!
Razor A Go Go:

My brother has now been smoking ecigs and regular cigarettes for a year or more. He smokes the ecig all the fucking time, I think just as a way to "smoke" inside w/out getting in trouble. I thought the point of them was to eventually ween you from smoking/nicotine all together, not just add something else into the arsenal of ways to kill yourself slowly.
Tango Fistula:

My wife swiched over and to date has not smoked a cig in 7 months...
Pistol Pez:

whenever i see someone smoking ecigs i always think at first they're smoking a one-hitter.

I smoked pot with one mostly at baseball games for about a year....they don't advertise them for pot, but they work if you take out the nicotine papers from the cartridges and stuff wackky tobackky in.....feels like a nice, mild, vaporizer, body buzz...

btw...people can still smell the pot, but nobody knows where it's coming from...I realy made some idiot security guard look stupid at a game...he was like Elmer Fudd trying to find Bugs Tigerblinds....
Thee Gilded Chimera:

Ya know what's good to smoke weed out of are those glass crack stems. I bought one for this cruster that I know for xmas last year. The dude lets it get all gunked up with resin and then he soaks it in vodka for a few days and drinks it. I guess you get really fucked up from it but yeah. fucking gross.