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action fan:

one of the greats!
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/25/arts/music/bobby-blue-bland-soul-and -blues-balladeer-dies-at-83.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
bazooka joe:

incredible voice, and his best songs are unbeatable.

skank police:

RIP His throat was un-fucking-touchable. I remember the first times I heard his music, being so blown away, and I still am. Great people get old and sick, but this one... crushes me regardless. Seemed like such a sweet guy.

listened to two steps from the blues today on the tail end of a road trip. a fucking landmark recording. RIP.
Sunnyside Turner:

No one else like him. A real stylist. Never played an instrument, just sang.

Glad to see a major newspaper mentioned him. Rest easy.
Vinyl Ritchie:

2 hours of Bobby Bland on WEVL Wed. Night 10 to Midnight.
Uptight White:

He was a neighbor of mine growing up, but for years we assumed that his tour bus driver lived there because we couldn't imagine a legend like BBB living in among us (he was on the road performing most of the week, but usually home for Sunday dinners). I always felt he was unfairly overshadowed by BB King, even though Bland was more of a soul and R&B guy. I am glad I saw him perform at the Memphis BBQ Fest a few years back. RIP.
eric o:

Untouchable at his best. RIP.

Untouchable at his best. RIP.

Damn straight.

Big loss
Jesse Garon:

He was the black folks' BB King.

Seriously, could ANYBODY sing like him?
nicks name:

He was the black folks' BB King.

Funny you say this. I went and saw him years ago and I was the "white guy" in the audience. And he was fantastic! And I was very under dressed...
bazooka joe:

the three dudes that sit on the corner in "do the right thing": robin harris name drops him and it's hilarious.