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Highway Star:

Just saw that maybe may released this as a reatards track. True? Never heard about that and would love to hear that version if anyone could help. Haven't posted much lately so just for full disclosure this is justice from the final solutions. Would love to know more and hear it
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Highway Star:

I knew i had the coolest mom in the world when she couldn't hold in a laugh after "i thought i loved you, but i just loved your cunt." Also her favorite comedy is clerks, and yet she's as straight as can be. After my mom and dad drove from Detroit starting at 2 in the morning and then stayed up to watch the secret service play at Murphy's starting at 1 am, with my mom chatting up whatever friend or drunk weirdo who decided to talk to her, Jay said that she was the punkest motherfucker in the bar. Then he looked around and said, actually she's the only punk motherfucker in the bar.
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Reatards, will never sound overplayed.