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diggler's favorite club west of Masapequa to close at the end of July

http://www.nj.com/entertainment/music/index.ssf/2013/06/maxwells_a_hob oken_rock_instit.html
eric o:

Ah shit. Greatest venue, the dawn of the Oblivians right there.
But dang Hoboken sure doesn't sound like a great place to be any more.

True story: I got wasted at a Glenn Tilbrook solo acoustic show at Maxwell's in 2005 and proposed to my then-girlfriend/now-wife. Woke up the next day and the following occurred:

Me: Did I propose to you last night?
Her: Yes. And I said yes.
Me: Okay. Let's get married.

And here we are 8 years later, happily married. Awwwwww
I am the Arm:


i would only go there 3 or 4 times a year but they would be the 3 or 4 most crucial shows i'd see all year

true story: went there with Memphis Mike when he was on an Irish Car Bomb kick - they refused to serve such a frat boy drink or even sell you the components separately once you asked for one. we wound up going to some frat bar after the show and getting destroyed on irish car bombs -- no proposals attempted. i wonder what show that was - Hasil Atkins? probably a Reigning Sound show
joseph t:

It was Hasil. I was on the car bomb quest with y'all
eric o:

Oblivians, not sure of the surroundings or "how things were done," got to the gig early, ate pizza somewhere or other, and then drank beer outside near the club. As we would do in Memphis.

Then we went in, they fed us, and gave us drinks. WOW!

Oh man! My favorite place ever to see shows. Saw my first "real" show there, when I was 16 in 1993... Didjits playing with the Muffs. My older "punk" friend who took me to the show didn't like the Didjits cuz they posed too much. I didn't care for the Muffs cuz the chick screamed too much.

Even though I relocated from NJ to the Midwest in 2006, I still look at Maxwell's show listings to see what I'm missing and to try to plan trips home to visit friends/family around good shows (like Flamin' Groovies playing - on my birthday - this year).

My favorite Maxwell's story to tell (one I've probably told elsewhere, probably several times on this board) is how I missed the Oblivians on their last East Coast tour (Feb '97?). I was home from college for my mother's birthday and didn't want to spend the gas money to drive all the way to Hoboken from their house in West Milford after driving all the way to their house from New Brunswick, thinking I'd catch them next time they came through... which wasn't until 2010!

Damn. No upcoming shows before they close that I would go see either. I'm glad I took the chance to go see Thruston Moore play there a couple months ago. First and only visit, I guess.
ritchie g:

i saw the Television Personalities there about 1991.
support was a band with one of the guys from Pavement, who did some Adam & the Ants covers. pretty decent.
bazooka joe:

what a bummer. seen reigning sound and dirtbombs there. maybe someone else? killer club and good food. i hope telstar todd has something else to work on.

Jack Oblivian was with us on that car-bomb Maxwells trip.
We started at motor city and ended up at the Hasil Adkins.
Between every song he would say " here's another one I wrote for Jerry Lee Lewis". Halarious! Dex Romwebber opened.
I bought Hasil a beer after the show but I couldn't understand anything he was saying.

They indeed would not serve me, joe, paddy or jack any car bombs at Maxwells. They would not explain why.
joseph t:

Maybe they thought the South would rise again
eric o:

No Car Bombs = why they've stayed open this long.

Last night Bob Burt showed me pictures of him playing w/ Sonic Youth at Maxwell's....that was neat. I don't have much of any connection to Maxwell's, other than hearing about it when I lived down south in D.C. as a kid...it's interesting though.

Todd-o-phonic Todd on the Brian Lehrer Show (wnyc) from earlier today:


(little Feelies at the front end)

i'm only 2 minutes in so no comment yet

Heard rumors that they were closing/moving to jersey city starting a few months back. I work in Hoboken. It just gets worse & worse, so not surprised at all. Sad, but hoping the second part of that rumor is also true.