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KONDOR was pretty amazing last night.

First show in over 8 years. They killed it despite the fact that Quintron was in the crowd and not on stage. Get him up there and they will destroy the world, not just Siberia on a Wednesday night.
Jack Stands:

I love Kondor. Was so happy to have them, Mangina and Final Solutions play my birthday back in 2005.

Throwing out nickle bags with your band logo pre-printed on them was the best worst idea ever.

I forgot about that. Yes, that was stupid and awesome.


Louie's original description of the band's concept:
"Bar rock, you know, like the kind of music you hear in bars."
Moby Dill:

Over heard Quintron say " I'm still in this band " from back of the pool table when loomis said ''Thanx to our old band member Q for comming out to rock with us tonite''...