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Jack Stands:

The first in a new series, cable access/variety hour style
Wednesday, May 22nd, 9:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Central Standard Time
Rocket Science Audio Presents
Comedian Brandon Sams
& other distractions
Live on the Internet
http://www.rocketscience audio.com/stream

This Sounds awesone
Jack Stands:

If any Memphis folks would like to be a studio audience member at the Live Streaming Event wednesday, May 22, send me an e-mail at robin(at)rocketscienceaudio(dot)com and I'll be in touch. We'll have room for about 10-15 people. Some beverages will be available, but feel free to pack your own.
Jack Stands:

Jack Stands:

Testing. Holler if issues.

Chris Hart:

Audio seems to work, I assume the video is static image. Band practice may be over by 9 tonight... is rsvp strictly necessary to get the address?
Jack Stands:

Hey, Chris! Show starts at 9:00 on the dot, so we're letting folks in from about 8:30 - 8:50. There's not a huge amount of room and beer, so yeah, please let me know if you wanna come down.
Jack Stands:

P.s., that's a live security can, believed it or not...
Jack Stands:

Streaming Box of Feelings until showtime.
eric o:


Looks and sounds great. RIP Nanne.
Useless Eater:

I got your second coming!

10,000 miles away and it's comin in loud & clear!
Jack Stands:

Wanna watch again?
Go here:
Click the link,
then press play
Jack Stands:

Thanks everyone for watching!
Thanks to Ex-Cult, Time and Brandon Sam's!
Thanks to the RSA crew!

I have always loved doing Gonerfest and look forward to this year.
But this was one of my most favorite things we've ever done.
Uptight White:

I always dug 1980's cable access shows featuring live performances/interviews with underground bands, primarily for the hard to find music (at the time), but secondarily for the aesthetic, and this reminded me of them. These great performances will be a document of the cool shit that was happening in 2013 in the same way.
Jack Stands:

Also, thanks to the Simpletones, because that's the CD playing at the end.