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The long awaited EP with material from Detroit's Underwear Heads, is finally coming out on Jack White's third man records...the upcoming 6 song EP, will also be available on limited COLOUR vinyl..as well as digital download from i-Tunes....The Underwear heads consists of Nick Canterucci, John Crenshaw, Bruno Borroni, and Garry Lyshak .

the EP should be out mid to late fall 2012.

tangmania, will be hitting Memphis.
eric o:

Third Man! Big time.

i can't wait for some Tang, and maybe some of these http://www.oldtimecandy.com/space-food-sticks.htm

This project has been a long time a coming. 32 yrs after the fact. sorta cool..and I've talked to many collectors..they are buzzing with excitement.

we have other material in the can. and plan to record NEW material.

a tour is being considered..

the EP on Third man.....'TangMania' there will be a limited amount of coloured vinyl...as well as normal vinyl issue..and the EP will be posted on i-tunes, for digital download. I just did a REMIX of the material..

final mastering is happening right now.....stay tune geeks!

"Droppy and Floppy."

sounds like my ex wife...lol

the multi track master-has been re mastered and EQ, from 1st gen tape..in NY...taken from my archives..prior to myself coming on board,the band had 4th,5th,gen tapes..I located much better masters, from the source material I EQ at WMC in 1983. To make a long story short, in mid 1983, I was gonna put out 300 copies on the C & P Label (cock& pussy records) and printed up a LOW budget sleeve..the 300 came back from this fly by nite pressing plant..and to my horror, it was badly MASTERED..and almost every one was WARPED. I never got around doing a 'revised' 2nd run..took a job in Memphis, and got most of my monies refunded..only a few copies of the disc, and sleeve, got out into the collector world..hence the legend of the U-Heads....but soon, it'll be out via THIRD MAN Records...with some on colored vinyl. and i-TUNES down load

sometime late Oct..early Nov...on Third man..TANGMANIA!

It's official black vinyl copies..and colour vinyl of the TANGMANIA EP, WILL BE RELEASED BY 3RD MAN on May 29th 2013