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Tommy Trouble:

Going to the moon is fucking cool.

They didn't....it was fake.....ask Tigerblinds. R.I.P. Mr. Armstrong.....your a hero forever.

I believe in the moon landing and the holocaust. Neil Armstrong was athiest according to what I read on FB as well.

I'm a liberal, I don't believe in the same conspiracy theories as your average skinhead.

You know the fucking American news media keeps it's citizens clueless about world affairs right? There is realy no denying it.....if you want to consider that a conspiracy then yeah I'm a top notch conspiracy theorist.

R I P Neil Armstrong.

He was not an athiest. just another stupid myth.

As dialed into all the c i a, conspiracy horseshit as you seem to be it's funny that you would spout that one about Armstrong.

I was just kidding tigerblinds....I'm extremely liberal as well....not easy in New Albany, MS.....and yeah, I agree with your statement about the news media.
Vinyl Ritchie:


What is with all this fucking animosity against me? Fucking lame-o's...

When was the last time I spouted off about any political intrigue, and when was the last time anyone debunked shit I postulate?


Cole you're alright in my book.

Also, I could give a fuck if Armstrong was athiest....that's just what they're saying on the "national Association of Athiests" FB feed...I could realy give a shit....it's funny cuz so many dumb shits keep posting fucking stupid and ludicrous excerpts from the bible in his honor.

I'm entertained...take the hair out of your ass and munch on it.

Oh you mean all my conspiracy shit about the U.S. Federal Government using State Police to smuggle drugs and weapons in and out of the country in the 80s?

That's so fucking crazy, that's ludicrous.....it's not like basically the same fucking thing didn't happen in the past 5 years...remember Fast and Furious Timmy? You stupid shithead. Is that why I'm such a crazy conspiracy theorist?

The fact that people link these sanctioned crime syndicates to shit like 9-11 is realy inconsiquential to me....I can't substantiate or deny them, I won't say yay or nay...but from where I stand it seems the conspiracy theorists make a better case than the Federal fucking government.

So suck a dick...if you can't handle a little truth burry your head in the ground you fuckwad.

I'm not some partison college pugnant shithead looking for a good debate...not into talking loud about alot of bullshit....I'm intrested in making sense out of the fucking clues at hand....

Go argue with your Mom about the crazy conspiracy theorists out there...she might care.

This is what I'm talkin about. The first man to walk on the moon dies and what do you bring up?

Neil Armstrong wasn't an atheist, you said he was. Debunked dickhead.

There seems to be alot of folks arguing about this right now....how the fuck do you know?

National Atheist Association says that he was one of them...so take it up with them.

You target me, I will fire back...that's how this works.

I don't recall you giving any solid facts that Neil Armstrong wasn't an atheist or was a Christian....so that's where it stands. I don't care either way to be honest.

I sighted my source...it's a small foot note to my weeks events.

I love how guys thinks politics and history is a good time to fluff up their feathers....I don't realy care that much.

If Armstrong was athiest, that's an interesting anecdote...that's why I threw it out there.

i feel like if he was an atheist he wouldn't have talked much about it.
he seemed to avoid labeling himself.
probably because the iconic wholesome image would be ruined if he was some fucking satan fuggin atheist.

Jesse Garon:

dude was a heckuva senator, and Ohio don't elect atheists if they know about it.

Yeah...I actually read that he wrote a bio to dispel the rumor that he was an athiest....

I was thinking about this today. When I was a kid reading science fiction, outer space was awesome. I day dreamed about it all the time. I have kids who read...... They are not into it. When did exploring the universe not become a big deal? NASA needs to step up and get the young folks interested again.

there is nothing to explore. it's a dead end. everything is too far away.
Mark Beef:

plus fuckthe idea that humankind should be able to get off this hunk of garbage we've created and spread our filth thruthe rest of the universe. if we cant make it work here we deseve to die out

and that.
Jesse Garon:

is it true that Neil Armstrong was the American Francois Truffaut?


Why go to space? Let them come to us.
wyatt herp:

and i always thought neil armstrong was a great trumpet player and geenral badass jazz musician. had no idea he was an astronaut too. amazing what one can do if they really try.