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joseph t:

Hell yeah. Thanks again Taco Bell

ooooooh LAWD
Mark Beef:

shit sucks
Jesse Garon:

there's no diarrhea like fake Mexican diarrhea
dutch hercules:

Yes. Good. I like!

I tried it. It was pretty good, but if you ate the shell by itself, I don't think it would taste the same as a dorito out of the bag.
Womb Raider:

Yeah, I just tried one today. Tasted like a regular hardshell taco, no dorito taste at all. Total gimmick.
bazooka joe:

tried one earlier this week. tasted like a dorito chip. LIKE!

The Doritos Taco is actually good. They should do a Cool Ranch Doritos Taco.
dutch hercules:

A Dorito soft shell is what they should invent next.

Chocolate/ pecan doritos, with raspberry flavored cheese, and beets.

Cool Ranch Doritos Taco.
Industry insider reports this is the genesis of current plan.
Also check how many Dorito tacos they have sold
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i want cool ranch dorito shells that actually have more dorito dusting on them than the current doritos locos tacos. while the current ones are alright, i want more dorito flavor on them!
Jesse Garon:

dorito dusting
Tango Fistula:

You people eat that shit?!

I work at a hospital so lemme just say thanks ahead of time for the job security and see you soon!

I had one of those cool ranch tacos. It was a let down. The dorito taco is way better.

I had some HOPING for the fake Meixican diarrhea and taco bell FAILED ME.

I ate 12 in the last 3 days, and I want A LOT MORE!!!
lets do crimes:

so gross!