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Next to Aldis on Summer.4 giant loaves (big as a large pizza) Pita/ Naan:$2.99
Hummus big-$2.99 Huge-$4.99 Really good.
Olives ,black or green from Turkey $3.19 for 17.5 oz. (Whole Foods 16 oz. $9.99) Cheap and really good finger food for your next party.
free plax:

Have you been to Jerusalem, up the street? If so, how does the hummus compare?
eric o:

Sounds great! Jerusalem's kinda weird- serving food sorta seems like an afterthought a lot of the time. Prefer that place on Park.

There's also Babylon on Mendenhall North of Summer that I've yet to try...

Didnt care for Midd East Bakery, but the price of those olives is killer. Pita, hummus etc. cannot be beaten from the Castle. Stopped going to Jerusalem. Too weird at times and just never know what your gonna get. Will never go back to Al Rayan.

Jerusalem - yep, my initial trip there was pretty awesome. went back tw0 (maybe three?) times. sucked.

still haven't been to the castle or babylon
free plax:

I haven't been through Jerusalem in nearly a year but I always had good experiences there. I always stuck with the hummus and falafel with an occasional order of some sort of breaded meat. Cheap and good. I hit the Castle a few times when it first opened and was underwhelmed. The Gyros were pretty good but the hummus was bland. Sounds like I should give it another shot.

Eating the carryout falafel right now. Should be called the "I hope you like rice" plate. It's good - flat falafel patties instead of balls, rice, tahini dip, hummus that's really sharp and lemony, and cucumber / tomato salad. Also got a yogurt drink, dried lemons, and figs. I will be going back - they've got a menu that looks great.
eric o:

Wire- Jerusalem?

No - the one next to Aldi's. Middle East Bakery & Grill.
Urban Spoon
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Gave Midd East Bakery and Grill a second chance today. Bad..bad. Rubbery chicken tekka seasoned with buffalo chicken marinade(dont mind that, but not at the Midd East joint), lunch plate was about 65% rice, all of it dry as a bone and rubbery, microwaved pita bread. Hummus was ok. The Castle kills it in all departments. Not even close.

Opened the figs a minute ago. Should've looked closer before popping one in my mouth, as there was some lively fly-like critter running around in the container.

Hit Jerusalem 3 times in the last ten days. Wednesday special is great - also, huge and impossible to finish. Friday is some sort of lamb thing that is also great and impossible to finish. Sour grape juice is interesting, and I'm still not a fan of the milk / salt drink.
Vinyl Ritchie:

Yeah, Middle Eastern bakery is not good at all. Hummus was flavorless and I could taste the can the chick peas came out of...bread was meh.
Ill stick with Castle.

Castle does rule, but not into the addition of the ghetto ass Juniors Fish and Chcicken shit they are serving there as well. The standbys havent changed as they promised they wouldnt, just kind of a suprise they brought Junior long.