Saturday, September 30

Saturday Night


DJ Tom Lax • MC Dan Rose

9:00 PM Traumahelikopter (Groningen, NL)
9:45 PM So What (San Francisco, CA)
10:30 PM Vanity (New York, NY)
11:15 PM Golden Pelicans (Orlando, FL)
Midnight Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks (Memphis, TN)
1:00 AM Derv Gordon / Equals (London, UK)

Saturday Afternoon


01:00 PM IN Proto Idiot (Manchester, UK)
01:30 PM OUT Echo Ohs (Auckland, NZ)
02:00 PM IN Gushers (New Orleans, LA)
02:30 PM OUT Rays (San Francisco, CA)
03:00 PM IN Spodee Boy (Nashville, TN)
03:30 PM OUT Hipshakes (Manchester, UK)
04:00 PM IN ISIS (New Orleans, LA)
04:30 PM OUT Hartle Road (Columbus, Mississippi)
05:00 PM IN Cobra Man (Los Angeles, CA)
05:30 PM OUT Heavy Lids (New Orleans, LA)
06:00 PM IN Hash Redactor (Memphis, TN)
06:30 PM OUT X___X (Columbus, Ohio)

Sunday, October 1

Sunday Afternoon

Cooper-Young Gazebo

03:00 PM Craig Brown Band (Detroit, MI)

Wednesday, September 27

Art Show

Crosstown Arts

Mural By Peelander Yellow (Austin, TX)

Thursday, September 28

Opening Ceremony

Cooper-Young Gazebo

05:00 PM Harahan Fats Larry Lava (New Orleans, LA)
06:00 PM Greg Cartwright (Asheville, NC)

Thursday Night


DJs Aya & Robert Cuzner • MC A. Gorilla

09:00 PM Benni (New Orleans, LA)
09:45 PM Bloodbags (Auckland, NZ)
10:30 PM Sweet Knives (Memphis, TN +)
11:15 PM Die Group (Los Angeles, CA)
Midnight A Giant Dog (Austin, TX)
01:00 AM Unnatural Axe (Boston, MA)

Friday, September 29

Friday Afternoon

Memphis Made

02:15 PM Ten High (Fayetteville, AR)
03:00 PM Magic Factory (Auckland, NZ)
03:45 PM Judy & The Jerks (Hattiesburg, MS)
04:30 PM Model Zero (Memphis, TN)
05:15 PM Thunderroads (Tokyo, Japan)

Friday Night


DJ Greg Cartwright • MC Peelander Yellow

09:00 PM Frantic Stuffs (Osaka, Japan)
09:45 PM Peacers (San Francisco, CA)
10:30 PM Foster Care (New York, NY)
11:15 PM NOTS (Memphis, TN)
Midnight Tyvek (Detroit, MI)
01:00 AM feedtime (Sydney, Australia)

Check back soon for more details and good stuff!