Gonerfest 9 Dates
Gonerfest 9
Gonerfest 9 Dates

GONERFEST 9 Schedule

9/27 - Thursday Afternoon
Opening Ceremonies
@ The Gazebo
Monsieur Jeffrey
Evans (Memphis, TN)

9/28 - Friday Afternoon
@ The Buccaneer

The Hussy (Madison, WI)
No Bails (Kalamazoo, MI)
Toxie (Memphis, TN)
Anomalys (Amsterdam, Holland)
Johnny Lowebow (Memphis, TN)
9/29 - Saturday Afternoon
@ Murphy's
1pm Party Bat (Chicago, IL)
2pm Native Cats (Tasmania, Australia)
3pm White Mystery (Chicago, IL) 4pm Chemicals (Portland, OR)
5pm Cecilia & The Sauerkrauts (Paris, France/ Portland, OR)

1:30 Dez Vibz (Desert, AZ)
2:30 Detonations ( AZ/ New Orleans)
3:30 AAAA The New Memphis Legs (Memphis, Nashville, Texas)
4:30 Chicken Snake (Staunton, VA)
5:30 Lenguas Largas (Tucson, AZ)

9/30 - Sunday Afternoon
Closing Ceremonies
@ The Gazebo

Rev. John Wilkins
(Memphis, TN)

9/27 - Thursday Night
@ The Hi-Tone

Oblivians (Memphis, TN)
Golden Boys (Austin, TX)
Heavy Times (Chicago, IL)
Slug Guts (Brisbane, Australia)
Jack Of Heart (Perpignan, France)
Moving Finger (Memphis, TN)

9/28 - Friday Night
@ The Hi-Tone

Nobunny (Rabbithole, USA)
 River City Tanlines (Memphis, TN)
Bits Of Shit (Melbourne,
Gary Wrong Group (Mobile, AL)
Bad Sports (Denton, TX)
Nots (Memphis, TN)

9/29 - Saturday Night
@ The Hi-Tone

Spits (Outer Space)
Mad Macka (Brisbane, Australia)
GG King (Atlanta, GA)
Persuaders (New Orleans, LA)
Ex-Cult (Memphis, TN)
9/30 - Sunday Night
@ The Buccaneer

No Bands!
No Bands!

Tickets are now on sale for Goner Records’ ninth annual international music festival, which will take place September 27-30, 2012, in Memphis, TN. Goner Fest 9 will include three evening showcases at the Hi-Tone, a Friday afternoon show at The Buccaneer, a Saturday afternoon ten band blowout at Murphy’s, plus opening and closing shows at the Goner Record Shop gazebo.

"By all accounts Goner Fest is always a great time…" - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

"I had a great time... I saw a bunch of awesome bands, picked up some records that I am looking forward to listening to, met a lot of friendly and fun people (many of whom had accents I just adored, seriously), and got to visit Memphis...And now, after I catch up on my sleep a little, I can start thinking about how fun it will be to go to GonerFest 9…" - Razorcake

$60 Golden Pass, good for all events, available now! Buy it here!
$18 advance, $20 at the door per night for Hi Tone shows.
$5 Buccaneer show / $10 Murphy's show.

More info to come!

www.gonerfest.com // Facebook // Twitter

For press or sponsorship inquiries, contact Madison Farmer : madisongoner@gmail.com

See you in Memphis!