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Tom, a Gizmos fan from way back, was kind enough to interview the Gizmos
for Gonerfest 11. Listen and learn!
Important Question #1:
Kenne Highland - "Ken or Kenny?"

Len Bright Combo
Legendary Medway punk/ garage pop combo featuring Wreckless Eric with Bruce Brand and Russ Wilkins, the Milkshakes rhythm section. Punchy pop that transcends time and space. We are honored to host them! A dream come true!

“...the peerless merging of pristine pop songwriting and deathless aural terrorism” - Dave Thompson, Allmusic

“Yes, the Combo are back. Older, wiser, and probably a lot louder”-  Mojo Magazine

Read: Recent Mojo interview here!
Watch: Something Must Have Nailed Us Together

Appearing: Friday Night


Gizmos - Original 1977 Lineup (Bloomington, IN)
Bloomington, Indiana legends who uncannily predated Punk and created a uniquely Midwestern take on "real rock n roll" as the Dictators had done in New York- songs about their lives as awkward, too-smart rock n roll fans. Not hearing the kind of music they wanted to hear on the radio, they took a cue from the Stooges & Velvets and made their own songs! Dig their song titles - this is not Aerosmith!

Watch: Regular Dude
Watch: Human Garbage Disposal
Watch: Kiss Of The Rat

Appearing: Saturday Night

GRIFTERS (Memphis, TN)
Memphis' destoryed psychedelic pop noise machine, toured with Guided By Voices and Pavement in the 90s, their twisted brand of rock has a killer rhythm section, unexpected catchiness, and a focus that approaches psychosis. Recent shows have demonstrated that their particular brand of aggression and melody was not tied to youthful urges, and indeed seems to have become more potent as personalities and voices have distilled over the years.

No band toured more or rocked harder than the Grifters. No band equaled their level of recorded output while destroying their crowds one show at a time. - Sherman Willmott, Shangri La Projects

Appearing: Thursday Night


Paul Collins Beat (New York, NY)
Legendary powerpop icon. Played in The Nerves with Peter Case and Jack Lee, releasing a single with "Hanging On the Telephone" which became a hit for Blondie. Then formed The Beat / Paul Collins Beat, signed to CBS, and released the perfect powerpop album, tougher than the stereotypical skinny-tie wimps, combining the economy of punk rock with killer rock n roll hooks and songs. Has been covered by many, many artists and maintains a DIY guerrilla touring approach that is hard to believe. We are honored and excited to have him.

Appearing: Thursday Afternoon Opening Ceremonies

Ausmuteants (Geelong, Australia)
Young Australian synth punk poppers who lept out of the amazing batch of new Aussie bands with hooks and a sick, sharp sense of humor. First album out on Goner (US) / Aarght (Australia), second on the way. Especially excited to have them for this first US tour for Gonerfest. Members of the feared Frowning Clouds / Hierophants / Wet Blankets cartel trading in only the top quality Antipodean new wave of new wave.

Read: Noisey Interview

Appearing: Thursday Night


mage by angel caballos

Protomartyr (Detroit, MI)
Massive, near gothic soundscapes matched with a deadpan, normal-guy frontman. Weary but exhilarating! Effortlessly fantastic! Records on Hardly Art.

“Protomartyr are modern-day snake charmers. Settle into one of the group’s serpentine grooves and you may very well end up hypnotized.” - Detroit Music Magazine

Appearing Saturday Night



The Rebel (Hertfordshire, England)
One man band of Ben Wallers, notable frontman from the UK's Country Teasers. Many of Ben's songs play on controversial concepts or points of view, including class, race, and sexism, often delivered in first-person without a buffer of sarcasm. This leads to quiten enjoyable confusion from arbiters of taste, be they music critics or commenters on important internet message boards and Facebook. Wallers don't mind. A fan of The Cure, The Fall, Man2Man, Devo, Ice Cube, Datblygu, Jon Wayne and many other bands, The Rebel tends towards minimalist songs with keyboard, samples, and guitar, some straightforward as songs, some much more experimental in nature.

Watch: Bums On A Rock
Watch: You're Just LIke Tammy Wynette
Read: Interview

Appearing: Saturday Night

Warm Soda (Oakland, CA)
Whenever I hear a Warm Soda record I think I’m listening to a newly-discovered lo-fi gem from the late 70s, with incredibly catchy hooks blaring through a haze of tape hiss and distorted guitars. I should know this stuff- who is it? Fooled again! It's Matt Melton's songwriting and production acumen throwing me once more. Excellent hooks.

“Oakland's Warm Soda, aka one of our 2013 bands on the rise, is almost too easy to love: That lo-fi fuzz, those jangly, sugar-sweet hooks, that sudden urge to be lightly buzzed at someone's backyard barbecue the summer before you left for college.” - San Francisco Bay Guardian

Appearing: Friday Night


So Cow (Galway, Ireland)
Quirky Irish popsters who have recently displayed a darker, heavier side. New album The Long Con out on Goner in October.

The band themselves are of the mind that they sound like The Chills or McLusky, but they've lost all perspective at this stage so you shouldn't go taking their word for it. Similarly, lyrics telling of joyriding local politicians, John Deacon's post-Queen level of contentment and the terror of turning 30 can probably now be interpreted any number of ways.

Appearing: Thursday Night

Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
Fantastic, in-their-own-world postpunk trio from Austin who seem to push aside rock n roll cliches and indie rock cliches and play with tension and release better than any band going right now. 2nd Gonerfest appearance and very worthy one at that!

“Rodeo Songs offers jarring guitar crunch and half-spoken, half-shouted vocals, all offset by a lyrical sense of humor. Fans of true no-wave noise-rock will be fond of such deliberate frenzy” - Austin Monthly

Appearing: Saturday Night


Don Perry

Ross Johnson's Like Flies On Sherbert Revue (Memphis, TN)
The esteemed Panther Burns drummer Johnson leads a cavalcade of Memphis musicians through some of Alex Chilton's greatest songs with lead guitar and vocal duties taken by Steve Selvidge, whose father, Memphis folkie Sid Selvidge, released the original lp in 1979. Although the album was declared a mess upon its release, it's become a classic and a favorite of Memphis music fans, with songs like"My Rival," "Hook Or Crook," and "Hey! Little Child" conveying Chilton's sense of sly fun better than most of the earnest pop perfection of Big Star.

Read: Bored Out Interview with Ross

Appearing: Thursday Night

Terry & Louie (Members of Exploding Hearts) (Portland, OR/New Orleans, LA)
A special treat for Gonerfest, Terry Six and Louie Bankston unite to play some songs they worked up with the Exploding Hearts and some of their own material as well, backed up by New Orleans superstars. Back in 2002 Louie moved to Portland, OR to work with his band 10-4 Backdoor. Working at the fairgrounds, running the Avalanche and other carnival rides, Louie ran into the kids who would become the Exploding Hearts, eventually joining the band and playing rudimentary keyboards. You can hear Louie's input in the Hearts now, especially after you've heard Louie's more powerpop outlet Missing Monuments. Although a tragic car crash in 2003 took the lives of the other three members of the band, the music lives on through Terry & Louie and the great recordings the Exploding Hearts left us.

Saturday Afternoon


Angie (Sydney, Australia)
Veteran of Ruined Fortune, Circle Pit, Southern Comfort, and who came through Gonerfest playing bass with Straight Arrows a few years back. Angie Garrick has been busy! Her solo album on Easter Bilby is a vivid dreamlike affair, full of implied melodies and instinctually correct moves, even if not obvious ones.

.. themes spurred from a myriad of notebooks recounting travels in North America, Croatia, Cambodia, Turkey, and everyday life in Australia. The melodies have been floating around for years in loose form, only now to be assigned their rightful place.

Appearing: Friday Night

Tim Grimes

NOTS (Memphis, TN)
And then they were four! Natalie, Charlotte, Madison, and Allie bring the post-punk noise full force. Debut lp recorded by Doug Easley out this November on Goner!

“They’ve sewn garage rock’s sloppy, swampy howlings to wiry, economical punk – the yelped girl-gang vocals & seesaw rhythm running throughout the blistering minute & a half of ‘Dust Red’, in particular, make them sound like the evil triplet sisters of The Urinals.” - Erika Elizabeth, Collapse Board

Appearing: Saturday Night


Sick Thoughts (Baltimore, MD)
Sick Thoughts are Baltimore's Drew Owen with a drummer and sometimes even a band, playing in-your-face punk rock n roll in stripped-down Reatards mode. No apologies straightforward punk rock. Go nuts! Releases on Goodbye Boozy (Italy), Deadbeat (US), and Zazxon Viral Action (Canada), among others... and Goner single in the works!

Watch: Need No One
Watch: Piss Poor
Read: Interview

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon

Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia)
Burly Aussie noise rock- Deaf Wish returns after scorching the stage at Gonerfest 8!

Each song more frenzied and filled with treble-kicking guitar and splatterhead drumming than the last. -Mess+Noise

Appearing: Friday Night


Obnox (Cleveland, OH)
Bim from Bassholes fame in a whirlwind of his own design. Alternating between Cheater Slicksian clouds of noise, hip hop beats and respectable rhymes, and pure head-scratching moments that work, Bim has created a beast that demands attention. Because it could attack at any moment, from any direction!

“This is quite an inspired bit of lunacy. Equal parts hip hop, art-damaged punk, psychedelia and general racket-making mix, and matched into something more acid than pot-friendly, right down to the lysergic covers of the Urinals’ ‘I’m a Bug’ and the McCoys’ ‘Hang on Sloopy.’” - Razorcake

Appearing: Saturday Night

King Brothers (Nishinomiya City, Japan)
King Brothers began as a Kansai kamikaze version of Guitar Wolf /Jon Spencer frantic rock n roll destruction and ended up on a major label in Japan somehow. After a brief hiatus King Brothers are BACK with guitarists Keizo and Maya and new drummer Zony. King Brothers play the closing ceremonies on Sunday afternoon- make plans to see 'em!

Appearing: Sunday Afternoon Closing Ceremonies



Dutch Masters (Memphis, TN / Oxford, MS)
Memphis band from mid-2000s whose recordings have only now been released in long-playing format, on the "All In The Wires" lp on Spacecase Records. A sporadic collaboration between Eric "Oblivian" Friedl and Scott Rogers (Cool Jerks, Jenny Jeans), with massive amounts of help from Talbot Adams on bass and Punk Rock Pat McKeague on drums.

Appearing: Friday Night

Gila Man (R. Rousseau) (Tempe, AZ)
Gila Man is Ryan Rousseau, who has played EVERY Gonerfest under many guises, in the Reatards, Destruction Unit, Ryan Rousseau & His Desert Children, Earthmen & Strangers, Yuma Territorial Prison Guard, and more! He returns with a no-doubt psychedelic stew- and rumored to be "crunk" - under the name Gila Man. Gila Man closes down the fest after the King Brothers on Sunday afternoon.

Appearing: Sunday Afternoon Closing Ceremonies



Scott & Charlene's Wedding (Footscray, Australia)
“Scott and Charlene’s Wedding sound grounded—but not gridlocked—on Any Port in a Storm securing their reputation as one of the most heartfelt acts inspired by the '90s, and one of the few who bring a more contemporary urgency to that sound.” - Allmusic

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon

Weather Warlock (New Orleans, LA)
WEATHER WARLOCK is a heavy drone band which uses sun, wind, rain, and temperature to control a monster analog synth designed by Quintronics in New Orleans, LA. and at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Florida


Appears: Saturday Afternoon Blowout (Sunset)


Cool Runnings (Auckland, New Zealand)
Frantic Kiwi punks set to ignite Gonerfest's Saturday Afternoon Blowout!

Built from the weakest links of every seminal Auckland band of the
last 10 years, Cool Runnings are four dudes just trying to get by.
Fuzzed up and stupid hits from the bong.”
COOL RUNNINGS features members of Diamonds and Dirt, Heidi Pasadena, Raw Nerves and Perfect Hair Forever.

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon

by Rick Ele

Life Stinks (San Francisco, CA)
When we heard that The Outdoorsmen's Chad Kawamura had a new band, we figured it would be good- we just couldn’t imagine it would be this good. Sludgy, misanthropic pound with songs that hold up and cycle through your brain for hours, and days, often against your will.

“Life Stinks might be one of the last real punk bands in the great tradition of The Stooges, Germs and Flipper.  People who had absolutely no fucking clue how to play music other than their gut instincts and reactions to what’s happening around them.  It’s music in its rawest and truest sense.” - It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon


Connections (Columbus, OH)
“Connections is a group of Columbus, Ohio underground rock lifers. Singer Kevin Elliott and guitarist Andy Hampel’s high school band, 84 Nash, was the first non-GBV-affiliated act to see release on Rockathon Records. Elliott’s brother, Adam, played drums and sang in the now-dormant noise-pop trio Times New Viking and guitarist Dave Capaldi played in the post-punk band El Jesus de Magico.” - Pitchfork

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon

Nathan Roche (Sydney, Australia)
Ex-Camperdown & Out artist goes solo to devastating effect. This Sydney native writes songs that are a little loopy like the Memphis Limes, but with a different propulsion, and different compulsions. You might hear some Lou Reed in his songs, and I hear the Twinkeyz, too. Good mix!

Listen: Sailors into Woolloomooloo
Appearing: Saturday Afternoon


Radioactivity (Denton, TX)
Jeff Burke's new post-Marked Men outfit, also with Marked Men's Mark Ryan and Daniel Craig of Wax Musuems/ Bad Sports etc! A Denton supergroup! If you're a Marked Men fan you'll love Radioactivity... punchy punky pop... with more emphasis on the pop this time through. Hooks that will impale you! You're doomed!

Read: Interview

Appearing: Thursday Night

Golden Pelicans (Orlando, Florida)
Balls-out Florida punk with a madman for a singer and an energy that seems to run on the residue from a million hash pipes smoked simultaneously whilst listening to a scratchy copy of Black Flag's Damaged. Nasty, brutal, and utterly captivating.

Listen: Chained To The Dumpster

Appearing: Thursday Night


Buldgerz (Memphis, TN)
Powerful new hardcore punkers featuring the magnetic personality of one Matt "Pappy" Johnson, one of the best frontmen from Memphis ever, also fronting the under-appreciated No Comply. Like a good right cross, sometimes you just gotta get whacked.

Appearing: Friday Afternoon


Die Rotzz (New Orleans, LA)
We've often wondered how Die Rotzz hadn't ended up on a Gonerfest schedule since Gonerfest 3. We've always loved their short, funny, tough punk songs. Glad they will once again grace the Gonerfest stage. Be ready for a true New Orleans punk rock attack. Andy, Marvin, and Paul don't do no half-steppin.

Appearing: Friday Night



Red Sneakers (Nara, Japan)
Another insane two piece from Japan... these guys hung around Memphis for weeks looking for shows, hoping for a spot at Gonerfest 5. When Jay Reatard got sick and couldn't play on the Saturday Afternoon show, they got their shot and blew minds! We're very happy to have them back!

Appearing: Friday Afternoon


The Stevens (Melbourne, Australia)
“On ‘Hindsight,’ they bring the rich melodic pop of their previous work to the top of the mix with a whining synth and crisp production, maintaining some of the almost timid quality of their earlier recordings but giving themselves a much fuller sound.” - Pitchfork

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon



Daniel Baud

Gooch Palms (Newcastle, Australia)
These two are an unstoppable force that have been turning heads and boners everywhere they go. They play catchy-as-hell pop music for the underdogs of this world, singing songs about bogan life in a small industrial town on an isolated continent in a far away hemisphere. Not to mention a lot of songs about outer-space.

“Nudity, blood and violence served right alongside genuine and elated enthusiasm is what audiences have come to expect from these two” - Triple Unearthed

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon


Mancontrol (Memphis, TN)
>mancontrol< ([C14,  from New English, stem of  "manual control"] make music in the moment; experimental, improvisational music built from the most primitive of sounds: monophonic single waveforms. Arbitrary factors come into play with each new venue: the amount of ambient light, bodies in motion or curious light sources like swinging chandeliers and LED hula hoops. There is no stage at a >mancontol< show. We set up in a way that allows audiences the opportunity to affect our music. Anyone that makes light or interrupts it becomes a factor in the evolution of each song.

Experimental music-making from Dave Shouse (Grifters, Those Bastarard Souls, Bloodthirsty Lovers) and Robby Grant (Vending Machine, Big Ass Truck, Mouserocket), aided by the vocalisms of Kong Wee.

Appearing: Friday Night in Space behind Hi Tone


Gimp Teeth (Memphis, TN) 
“Made up of current and former Memphis College of Art students, Gimp Teeth delivers short blasts of hardcore punk in the vein of Dischord Records greats like SOA or Red C. The performances are short and chaotic (20 minutes at the most), with front man Cole Wheeler rarely coming up for air while the band blasts behind him.” - Memphis Flyer

Listen: Are You A Catholic

Appearing: Friday Afternoon

Wild Emotions (Jackson, MS)
New all-girl Jackson garage band with Daphne from Overnight Lows... “Wild Emotions are an all-girl band with a lo-fi, keyboard-punk sound. The song on the A-side,‘Hey Everybody,’would be a perfect track to spin at a Halloween party. It’s a fun, simple song you could easily pogo to in your ironic costume. The B-side song is called, well, ‘Wild Emotions.’ This song is a bit more chaotic than the other. The vocals are blurry and it has a drunk-speed tempo. All in all, this is a fun little party record.” - Razorcake

Appearing Friday afternoon


by Josh Miller

Son of VOM (Meltzer, USA)
First and probably last band devoted solely to preforming the compositions of the pre-Angry Samoans outfit VOM, who were fronted by notoriously cranky (and great) music critic Richard Meltzer. Featuring members of many Memphis groups, including Final Solutions, Manateees, and Nots.

Appearing: Saturday Afternoon


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See you in Memphis!