GONERFEST 11 Schedule

Wednesday, September 24- Sunday September 28
Opening Wednesday 9/24 at 6pm
Crosstown Arts 422 N Cleveland
Tim Kerr

Tim Kerr was born and raised on the Texas coast on the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Galveston. There he began to surf and play guitar . He had a wonderful childhood, but hated high school. He will tell you that surfing, music and his friend and later-to-be-wife, Beth saved him during those high school years.
Some of his continuing musical influences were formed early and include British invasion bands, soul music, British folk and acoustic music (Bert Jansch, John Martyn, etc.)
Tim moved to Austin in 1974 to attend The University of Texas at Austin and there he earned a degree in painting and photography. While in the art department, he studied under famed photographer Garry Winogrand and was awarded a Ford Foundation grant for his work.

Tim is also well-known for his slashing guitar work in seminal punk bands The Big Boys, Poison 13, Monkeywrench, Lord High Fixers and more.

His artwork combines social awareness with iconic figures
and searing images.


Butch Anthony

“The art thing,” as Mr. Anthony likes to say, began in 1994 and can be summed up with this oft-told tale: John Henry Toney, now 82, was then a local tractor-for-hire. Plowing Mr. Anthony’s garden one day, he unearthed a gnarly turnip with a human countenance and made a drawing of it. As a joke, he and Mr. Anthony stuck it in the window of a friend’s junk shop with a $50 price tag, whereupon it was scooped up by Scott Peacock, the Atlanta-area chef and longtime collaborator of Edna Lewis, dame of Southern cooking.

“I thought, ‘Hell, if John Henry can sell one, I’ll try too,’ ” said Mr. Anthony, who embellished a “motel” painting — a cheap still life — “with a scraggly old paintbrush and some old paint set” bought at a Possum Trot auction. Not to be outdone, another friend, James Snipes, known as Buddy, now in his 60s, began bringing his creations to the same junk store; they, too, sold briskly. Thus, three careers were launched.

Mr. Snipes, who paints on twisted roots, twigs or tin, and Mr. Toney, who makes gentle, allegorical colored-pencil drawings on cardboard, fall more easily into the outsider art category; Mr. Anthony’s work is harder to categorize.

Mr. Anthony has made up his own word, “intertwangleism,” a label he paints on a lot of his pieces, which he defined this way: “Inter, meaning to mix,” he said. “And twang, a distinct way of speaking. If I make up my own ‘ism,’ no one can say anything or tell me I’m doing it wrong.”

Before the turnip incident, Mr. Anthony had been making a living selling barbecue lunches to the crew at the local paper mill. Making art quickly became more appealing. “In the food business,” Mr. Anthony recalled, “everyone was always complaining — the food’s too cold and whatever — but the art people were treating me like a king.”

Butch did a show in the Goner Store in 2004 which was a huge thrill for us. In the ten years since that show, Butch has become strangely sorta famous, but hasn't changed a bit. We're honored to have him back at Gonerfest 11.

Butch runs his Museum Of Wonder in Seale, Alabama. http://www.museumofwonder.com/




John Henry Toney
Mr. John Henry Toney grew up in Sandfort, Alabama and farmed all his life. He used to drive a tractor around Seale and plow up folk’s garden patches for them. One day he plowed up a turnip with a human face on it… His art career was born. He’s 83 years old and draws



Bruce Lee Webb
Bruce Lee is the co-conspirator and co- creator of Webb Gallery in downtown Waxahachie, Texas.  He loves hobo lore and train car graffiti.  He is a researcher and collector by nature and is currently working on "As Above So Below -Art of the Fraternal Lodge" with co-author Lynne Adele, which will be published by UT Press in 2015.


Timmy Lampinen

Human Eye / Timmy's Organism / Clone Defects frontman is also a 2010 Kresge Grant Arts award winner. As Timmy's music strives for wild abandon and maximum impact via spaced-out sounds, his artwork opens your third eye and squeezes in a couple more. Cosmic, dirty, freaked out and fun.
Check out a short film about him here!



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