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MUDHONEY (Seattle, WA)

"Whereas most groups originally (wrongly or otherwise) associated with the grunge movement have broken up, fallen apart, reunited as shells of their former selves or disappeared entirely (I’m looking at you, Sugartooth), Mudhoney kept on kicking out the garage-rocking, punk-infused, psycho-blues jams, ignoring the trends of the day in favor of scorching feedback, rumbling bass and the inimitable voice of Mark Arm." - Matt Korvette

Cosmic Psychos

COSMIC PSYCHOS (Melbourne, Australia)

For 30 years, the Cosmic Psychos have blazed a trail of empty beer cans and busted ear drums around the globe with their quintessential Australian drawl and pounding punk rock songs.

With the founding member Ross Knight finding inspiration from the Bulldozer he drove on the family farm in country Victoria, the band forged a unique sound and image that resonated with punk rock fans everywhere.
Iconic label Sup Pop! released their second album when the band fell into the ‘Seattle’ scene of the late 80’s amidst the likes of Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and The Melvins.
Never quite finding the mainstream success of their grunge counterparts, the band managed to tour heavily in the USA and Europe thanks to a large and devoted fan base. The Cosmic Psychos were notorious for their ability to drink pubs dry, earning them a reputation that resonated around as a warning - “Never drink with the ‘Psychos”.

Watch the trailer for "Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust" featuring appearances by Eddie Vedder, Buzz Osborne, Mudhoney and Butch Vig.

Along with the live performance, "Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust" will screen at Goner Fest 10!

"...equal parts Stooges riffs, Ramones tempos, lashings of wah wah guitar, American 1980s hardcore attitude and a healthy dose of yobbo humour." - Ian McFarlane

(Goner Records is also reissuing the first 3 Cosmic Psychos lps in September / October)

Inventor, organ-guru, and proprietor of the 9th Ward’s Spellcaster Lodge, Mr. Quintron returns to Memphis with Miss Pussycat to celebrate a decade of Gonerfest. Part Deep South boogie, part puppet show theme music, all out party.  
Records out on Goner, Rhinestone, Bulb, 31G and other labels.

Guitar Wolf

GUITAR WOLF (Tokyo, Japan)
It is completely fitting that Guitar Wolf will kick off our tenth Gonerfest, as Guitar Wolf kicked off the entire Goner empire with the first Goner release, Wolf Rock! lp, in 1993. Untamed Japanese rock n roll nuts who have climbed up from Goner through Matador and onto Sony Japan, never having lost their raw sound or crazy song topics. UFOs, Samurai, guitars, robots, motorcycles, and outer space. Their 11th record, Beast Vibrator, comes out in September in the US.

HUMAN EYE (Detroit, MI)
Timmy Vulgar’s (Clone Defects, Timmy’s Organism) latest progeny, Human Eye, is a freaked out frankenstein of cosmic philosophies, hyber-beam guitar, and stoner grooves. 4: Into Unkown, the band’s fifth album, was released by Goner this past May and caught the attention of Lenny Kaye who called them one of this generations “10 bands to watch” (eMusic).  

WRECKLESS ERIC (Catskill, NY / Newhaven, East Sussex, UK)
Stiff Records launched the career of Eric Goulden in 1977 with the classic “Whole Wide World,” introducing a romantic anthem to the rough and tumble world of punk rock. In the intervening years he’s released a slew of great, underappreciated albums, featuring excellent songwriting and raw, direct production, very much in a parallel to Billy Childish in many ways. Perhaps a Ray Davies to Billy’s, um, Bo Diddley?  We couldn’t be more excited to have him headlining our Saturday Afternoon Rock Blowout!

Gonerfest 10
(Tempe, AZ)
Originally conceived by Jay Reatard and Ryan Wong as a post-apocalyptic synth-punk project, Ryan Rousseau resurrected the project after Jay's passing and has turned it into a snarling, fiery, spaced-out beast. Live shows are as wild as any on the planet circa now!

EX-CULT (Memphis, TN)
Ex Cult released their first album, produced by tourmate and admirer Ty Segall, this past year. Since then they have scoured the country in a series of back-to-back tours. This is a band that manages to pack a myriad of influences, from jam to indie to hardcore, into a tight-knit unit which still manages to deliver a kick-in-the-gut live performance.   

TYVEK (Detroit, MI)
As Detroit continues its seemingly irreversible slide into the tar pits of economical despair, new traditionalists Tyvek have unashamedly taken the reins and harnessed the ambition to keep their slurred and manically refreshing noise pop bouncing around the skulls of everyone still breathing in the real, uncategorizible fumes of the original new wave. - Todd Killings

Gonerfest 10
(Seattle, WA)
World's greatest band!

They say it better than we ever could:

"Hi. We're Head. How's it going? We're from Seattle. We've been kicking around the hardscrabble streets of Queen Anne Hill since 1990. Head consists of Ree Ree on Bass/Vocals, Touch on Guitar and Tulu on Drums. The Giggles was a full time member of the band up until 1999 when he got his head screwed on straight and went into the Head Army Reserves. We've put out several records on our imprint Evil Clown Records as well as records on Steve Priest Fan Club, Regal Select and Goner. We average about 3 or 4 shows a year."

Like Peter Murphy sucking on a tailpipe, Wizzard Sleeve are the end of the line for your happy good times and the start of a new atrocious standard in head-expanding, zooed-out and shut-in true punk weirdness that won’t be getting many brownie points with mom, dad, church leaders, or parole officers anytime soon. - Hozac

Gonerfest 10
(Nashville, TN)
Hailing from Tennessee, Cheap Time has been around in one incarnation or another since 2006. The nucleus has always been Jeffrey Novak, who writes and sings in addition to playing guitar and keyboards. A quintessential ingredient is the low-fi bombast with which they scuzz up their otherwise lightweight brand of simplified 1970s glam punk, packing an impressive amount of adolescent snottiness into two-minute blasts of sound with both precision and melody.

Gonerfest 10
(Memphis, TN)
The year is 2001; imagine a "...Memphis super-jam group led by Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, with a backing band made up of Jay Reatard (guitar) and Alicja Trout (drums) right around the genesis of Lost Sounds and James Arthur (who was also playing in the Legs at the time, post-Necessary Evils) on guitar as well." - Terminal Boredom

LOUIS BEE KING (New Orleans, LA)
One-man wonder and southern garage progenitor. Louis Bee King has played in The Royal Pendletons, The Persuaders, The Exploding Hearts, and The King Louie One Man Band and worked with the likes of Alex Chilton, Jay Reatard, as well as members of the Oblivians among many others. Deep fried, boogie woogie goodness from down Louisiana way.

CATHOLIC SPRAY (Paris, France)
“Psych rock in the vein of the Gories covering Pink Floyd or the Oblivians covering 13th Floor Elevators... an explosion of gluewave bent psychedelic garage punk, warped and twisted by a rambunctious band of French kids ready to set the world and their guitars on fire.” - Tiny Grooves

Dude's been in more bands than you can shake a stick at - Las Violetas, Pocket Sirens, Dirty Knives, Royal Pendletons, Darkest Hours, Checkmates, Jenny Jeans, Dutch Masters, Preacher's Kids, Black and Whites, & Lover! Talbot Adams has been writing and recording his own songs since the late 1990's.

Brainchild of Memphis native Nicholas Ray (also a former member of Golden Triangle, ’68 Comeback and the Limes), Viva L’American Death Ray Music has been chugging along since the late ‘90s, pushing against the walls of VU-inspired garage choogle into abstract dimensions reminiscent of the Fall, and moreover of late’70s/early ‘80s UK DIY rock, punk, and experimental music.

Gonerfest 10
(Melbourne, Australia)
Loud, uncomplicated, straight-up, Australian rock and roll. Lyrics about getting drunk and getting laid over top of Chuck Berry riffs. So authentic you can smell the pub carpet! Jaws is in The Casanovas, Rich is in a slew of bands including the Ooga Boogas, The Unfuckable and helps run Aarght! Records, John McKeering (Macka) is in the Cosmic Psychos, the Boondall Boys and Ich Bin Ein Esel.

"The Onyas sometimes blasted through their songs like their world depended on it and sometimes like they'd rather be laying pipes in a ditch, which was probably the only distinguishing characteristic that separated them from so many other bands of their type." - AllMusic

THE BLIND SHAKE (Minneapolis, MN)
The Blind Shake, Mike Blaha (baritone guitar), Jim Blaha (six-string), and Dave Roper (drums), have been playing their own brand psychedelic, stomp-rock since they met in high school in the early 90s, but didn’t form a band until 2003. Since then they have three 7“ singles, two EPs and five albums, two of which feature their mentor Michael Yonkers, a Minneapolis garage rock legend. This is a band with more tremolo than you can shake a stick at.    

Andrew Caffrey, of the prematurely disbanded,  The Horrors (In the Red), mans the helm of the latest garage-blues powerhouse from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Autodramatics self-released their debut album, Emotional Static, earlier this year. The album features savage, loud-mouth guitar, drums equal part racket, equal part boom, and a chorus of female backing vocalists sure to make you double-take before you believe what you’re hearing.

Spray Paint is another fucking band from Austin. - SXSW
Weird Austin band keeping Austin bands weird.

Abe White (Oscars, True Sons of Thunder) charges out from behind the drum set to front MANATEEES, raw and nasty music full of the raw nastiness of the world. Backed by Charms and Keith on drums and bass, respectively, Mr. White delivers the unfortunate news that the apocalypse occurred quite a while ago and the world ain't getting any better.

Synth-punk outfit Digital Leather is the creation of Shawn Foree, who fuses vintage electronic keyboards with loud, fuzzy guitars to create a sound that mixes elements of punk, garage rock, synth pop, and new wave into something that's rough and passionate despite the electronic surfaces.

Memphis stalwarts, or rather, Memphis Warts Joe Simpson (Rat Traps, Feelers, Sharp Balloons), Sambeaux (Mangina), Eric O (Oblivians, Legs, Dutch Masters, Bad Times), Abe White (Oscars, Manateees) and Richard Martin (Four Johns) unitize their diverse musical influences and philosophies in this band, “ equal parts supergroup, support group, and secret society” (WFMU’s Beware Blog). Something like if the founding fathers had hung out with Nietzsche and decided to dive head first into a garbage disposal after more than a couple brews, all recorded on tape.  

CUNTZ (Melbourne, Australia)
Cuntz’ 2013 debut Aloha is album about meth, alcohol, and ice cream. The repetitious, repulsive nature of the lyrics centering around consumption and waste production distract from the Fugazi-like instrumental execution which conveys its own sort of intelligence and tact. A Melbourne band in the tradition of the Birthday Party, Venom P. Stinger, and AC/DC. A wallop to the brain!    

SUGAR STEMS (Milwaukee, WI)
Milwaukee’s Sugar Stems couple boy/girl pop harmonies with snarling, open-chord guitar (reminiscent of the Jam) to produce an irresistible combination. This is a band that has perfected power-pop to a science, blending in elements of rockabilly, that they execute in a similarly precise fashion live.

“The Sugar Stems may not be a household name yet, but they just might be the most refreshing thing to come out of Milwaukee since ice-cold beer.”- LA Daily News

GINO AND THE GOONS (St. Petersburg, FL)
Gino and the Goons have done the impossible- recorded a modern budget rock classic. Infectious, primal, completely rockin, and from FLORIDA!!! Almost too good to believe. Like Supercharger popped up in retirement land and put out a record before “Goes Way Out.” And it ruled.

GoGonerfest 10nerfest 10
(New Orleans, LA)
Stripped down, Louisiana punk. Stupid and proud of it. Providing the mud-waller state and surrounding areas with a much needed, no-nonsense, bare bones approach to the genre.  Now with added Joe Pestilence!
"Fantastic scum punk ready made from New Orleans, with moves heisted from classic no-fi units ranging from the Screaming Mee Mees right on to The Reatards. Damn good." - Byron Coley, The Wire

JACKPOT! (Kalamazoo, MI)
Although Bantam Rooster’s appearance at this Gonerfest was not to be, lead Rooster man Thomas Potter is still coming to play at the festival, with his new bnad Jackpot! ( and moonlighting with True Sons Of Thunder.)
Jackpot! features garage rock legend Potter (Bantam Rooster, Dirtbombs, Detroit City Council, Seger Liberation Army, Chrome Spiders), Chris Butler (New Rob Robbies, The Clerics, Blank Schatz, The Paperbacks), Mark T. Millionaire (the Chinese Millionaires), and the vocals of Windy (Mayes) Sibbersen (former Memphis music photographer turned entrepreneur extraordinaire).

Lead by Martin Savage, Ex-Dixie Buzzards, Strawberrt Savage, Blacks, Los Chingaleros, Kamen Riders, Tokyo Knives, Murder by Guitar and co-owner of Savage Records, joined here by Henrik Appel (of Kilroy and Wild Fangs) on bass and Simon Ferner (of Mind Traps) on drums. Martin has been very busy keeping Swedish garage punk dirty and real, with an eye towards what King Louie has been up to!

Self described as “punk rock & roll bubblegum budget rock drag frat rock garage rock hot rod novelty party surf trash USA" . . . well, that pretty much sums it up. This  guitar, drums, and vocals trio shreds through rockabilly classics and originals alike with all the energy of hardcore and the loudness of a big band. Frontman Ben Lyon also produces some of the coolest album art you’ve ever seen.

From the deepest realms of the frozen food section. Featuring members of Vivian Girls, Coasting, Chain & the Gang, and Ar-kaics. Cybelle Blood is the infinite past, the eternal present. She is us and we are into her.

HEAVY LIDS (New Orleans, LA)
John Henry (Detonations, Sex Hunter, Static Static) has a new band with Miss Mass Destruction (Static Static).  It's aggressive, shredding, and excellent.  With Andy Rotzz, Jamie Kalal, and Benny Divine.

Welch is a familiar artist in the gospel world around Bruce, MS where he has been playing lead guitar for various groups since 1975. Before 1975, Welch played blues and worked solo and with groups playing at community gatherings, cafes, on radio stations and in local clubs. He occasionally opened or played the intermission for better known acts, such as Ike & Tina Turner and B.B. King. Welch had the opportunity once to audition for B.B. King but did not have the money for travel to Memphis at the time. While gospel is his preferred medium these days, Welch does not see the blues as an evil art form, but as merely a reflection of one’s life, the story of one’s experiences. He is glad to talk about his earlier life but proudly notes that he has never had to worry about hangovers since he began singing gospel. - Wiley Prewitt

HARLAN T. BOBO (Memphis, TN)
Mysterious Memphis troubadour specializing in trouble, trouble, and more trouble. Broken hearts, houses, and guitar strings. Perhaps not what you would expect from the Goner roster but we love his music. His untoppable tales of loss, melancholy, and even small triumphs have gained him a cult following in Memphis and around the world. A magician. You’ve been warned.

OCTA#GRAPE (San Diego, CA)
Glen and Ely played together in Trumans Water from '91-'93. Glen walked up to famed skate photographer/ ace bassist O at an Olivelawn show 20 years ago and asked if it was ok to tape his set. Jason (from Vytear) recorded Octa#grape in August '12 and joined the band in September. Dramatic build ups, spazzy breakdowns, and hooks for days. Mind-blowing live, should open the third eye a bit wider on the Thursday night wind-up for the weekend. They live in San Diego and homebrew as many songs on 4track as they can. Equal parts Bobb Trimble/T. Rex/Swell Maps/Ooga Boogas.



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