SEPTEMBER 22nd - 26, 2010 Memphis, TN

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who's playing this year?
See the Bands page here!

2. I've got a band. We're good. Can we play the next festival?
Maybe! Gonerfest is by invitation, but strange things have
happened. Get us a cd, a bio, and who knows.
Maybe we'll see you at Gonerfest 8!

3. Do I need a Golden Pass to get into the events?
No, you can buy tickets individually. However, the Golden Pass will get you
into all the events and also special goodies that "normal" festival goers will not receive.

We strongly advise you to buy a Golden Pass this year.

4. Are the events all-ages?
The shows are 18+.

5. Will there be after-parties?
We are confident that a strong contingent of Gonerfesters will party on into the night,
and that there will be bands playing around town. We are not setting those up, however. It will not be hard to find these shows... ask!

6. Will King Louie be there?
King Louie will be at Gonerfest 7 with his Missing Monuments on Wednesday, September 22.

6. I ordered tickets but didn't get one in the mail. Should I be worried?
No, your tickets just get you on a list at the door. We will take care of you when you show up with your confirmation and name.

We dedicate this Gonerfest to our friend Jay Reatard.




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