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Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice - XIAO lp (De Stijl/ Troublem)


Troubleman reissue

from the label..

Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice comprises ex-members of folk / psych space cadets of the Golden Calves / Polyamory axis, plus a host of other rebels, freaks and prophets, all so deeply affected it’s as if Jesus himself had reached His Hand down the front of their pants. Xiao is laid thick with the musik fur alle vibes; they seek alternative, primarily non-electric methods of melting down orange amplification, leaving everyone trippin’ / slippin’ in the resulting goo. Expect many things bowed and plucked and wet cardboard percussion, providing the backdrop for Wooden Wand to sermonize on the evils of fluoride and read the poetry of anonymous inner city hoods. Death to the prosaic punks! Xiao will appeal to all hippies interested in Limbus, Siloah, Angise Maclise, Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Master QSH, Sperm, Joe Jones, NNCK, etc.

Wooden Wand are one of the most original bands in NYC at the moment, taking the term psych/folk/noise to new levels. Beautiful female harmonies, wonderful musicianship, and straight up noise collapse into a wonderful mixture that's unique and beautiful. Plainly, this is soul music.

If the minor psych-folk renaissance of the past few years seems already to be fading into a bong resin-coated memory, nobodyůs told NYC's Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice. As scene leaders like Boston's Sunburned Hand of the Man burrow farther underground, Wooden Wand are pumping out new material every month while simultaneously reissuing out-of-print gems like Xiao, originally a vinyl-only release on tiny Minnesota indie Destijl. Although they share improv tendencies with their pseudo-rustic brethren, Wooden Wand's willingness to flirt with more traditional song structure not only sets them apart but propels them forward. "Return of the Nose" is a passionate fuzz-guitar drone with a single female voice insisting that "all roads lead to Him!" while a chorus of the damned wail and rattle their chains in the background. Obtuse lyrics are layered throughout Xiao's hazy musical maze: Wooden Wand may have a mission statement, but damned if theyůre gonna tell us what it is. (3 _ stars)
-Chris Nelson
Boston Phoenix
August 19th, 2005

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