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Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa - s/t lp (S.S. Records)


"Back in 1983, a review appeared in Maximum Rocknroll which immediately drew S.S.’s attention. Tim Yohannan wrote, “F.P.E. are hard to describe--they’re thrashy, jazzy, damaged, crazed, and real intense. If the MEAT PUPPETS met M.D.C. in a Chilean secret police torture chamber, the result might sound like this.” The review ended with an address in Gorizia, Italy and a request for a couple postage stamps. The price was right so the stamps were sent off.

What came back was a cassette with rat-in-a-vice/anti-vivisection cover art and music that was an angry reaction to the world’s injustices. But this wasn’t your average Italian anarchist hardcore release. Nah, there was something different.

Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa are not “proper” songsmiths. The songs don’t end “when they should.” Just as a tune seems to be over, another part comes along, one that has little relation to the rest of the song. The drummer sounds like the only band member who has a strong grasp of his instrument but he is so entranced with drum fills that he creates a style that is unconventional. The vocals are blarrggghh. A power drill is used as a solo instrument. Fast bursts of rage segue into sludge and then into total confusion. The album sounds like the Italian hardcore version of Tampax’s “UFO Dictator” informed by Throbbing Gristle and Crass, and it makes sense! WFMU’s Fatty Jubbo once described it as “wow...stumbles along like a drunken horse with its feet cut off. sorta reminds of Destroy NYC or Upside Down Cross.”

Nothing is known about Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa other than they were from Gorizia, Italy in the early 1980s and were around long enough to release one demo. After that, they disappeared to wherever old punk bands disappear to. The original tape was released in a very limited run. It is doubtful more than a hundred were originally made. A few years after it’s 1983 release it had a short second life, also on cassette. This is the first time it has appeared on vinyl....well, that most of it. Using an original tape as source material, we carefully transferred the music and selected as many songs as we could and still make the vinyl sound good. This is the best of it. Also included is a reproduction of the original cassette sleeve with lyrics and other stuff.

This is a vinyl only release. There will be no digital download or CD." - S.S Records


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