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Smack, Jimmy - Death Rocks 7" (Death Vault)



"Hating Life" / "Depression"

INCREDIBLE! Gary Wrong is tearing out his hairs! Cortex! Dreary synth growl from some dudes in gothic makeup in SAN PEDRO in 1983! We just played it 5 times in a row! RAW and GREAT! SMACK BLACK VINYL


Here's a blurb from the label- and a promo video! (note- dvdr not included and vinyl is black)


Wild man, Jimmy Mack started playing electronic music in the late 70's. Together with his wife Lynne, they formed the duo "Jim and I" and played live in and around Los Angeles for awhile. Their music was so unusual and futuristic that one club owner amusingly used to call them "The Jetsons"!!!. The pair managed to record some of their songs in studio but sadly never released any records. Once Lynne had enough of playing, Jimmy wanted to keep at it, and he did. This time he went on his own and created a music so unique that it's almost impossible to pigeonhole. He was now Jimmy Smack, and apparently for obvious reason. We're not gonna say more because this is none of our business. What's more important to know is that he released three incredible but very limited records, 1982's Death or Glory 7", 1982's Anguish 12" and 1983's Death Rocks 7". All on his own Star Theatre Productions label, named after a building he rented where he taught dance. Jimmy was and still is an incredible dancer. The Star Theatre was also the home of many San Pedro rock band like The Minutemen and Saccharine Trust where those bands rehearsed and played live. Jimmy was also featured with an untitled live track on the Mighty Feeble compilation that came out on the New Alliance label. You can also find the song "Scarlet Beast" on "Killed by Death" volume 14. Now, 30 years later. Death Vault Records is proud and thrilled to reissue his Death Rocks record. It features Hating Life and Depression. Two songs of true misanthropic and nihilistic expression from the dark side of life. No predictable & boring reedeeming political or social values, just plain hate and pessimism. Imagine a darker and dirgier Suicide, circa their first album. Spooky and mysterious. Doom and gloom electro-punk weirdness played with an electric bagpipe and rhythm machine. Minimal and full of soul. No synthesizer was used even tough it sounds like it. According to the man himself, the original was pressed in around only 50 (Fifty!) copies. But you can now own your own copy for a fraction of what the original goes for. This reissue comes straight from the original master tape and sounds as good if not better than the original. 500 copies pressed at 45rpm, 100 on clear vinyl (available only directly from Death Vault Records) and 400 on black. Printed center labels unlike the original with large center hole. Pocket sleeve is printed on high quality cardstock. Comes with two inserts, one 7x7 inch glossy paper with unseen pictures and a 4,5x5,5 inch on beautiful 24 lb antique laid business paper as a thanks list. All around a beautiful and quality package! Own or disown, you're all gonna die anyway!

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