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Goner Message Board / New Releases & Stuff For Sale / new LPs from Slovenly: BAZOOKA and KOMODINA 3
Author Message
Slovenly Recordings
Posted: May 13, 2013 5:15 pm    

Release date:
13 May 2013 Europe
21 May 2013 Rest of World

European Customers order here:

Rest of world order here:

It is with the filthiest of pleasures that Slovenly Recordings discharges the much anticipated full length, self-titled LP from Greece's BAZOOKA. A severely crusty unit originally from Volos, and now relocated to Athens, Bazooka, who is perhaps the most savage crew of the incredibly corrosive rock'n'roll scene that includes ACID BABY JESUS and GAY ANNIVERSARY, has concocted an evil, grungy stomper of an album that we can deem worthy of the grossly overused title of "epic."

With just enough pop sensibility to keep it from being heavier than a death in the family, this surly, riff-heavy opus has been formulated for maximum distorto-crumble factor from a twin-guitar / double-drum onslaught with searing vocals, as righteously delivered on their now classic "I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School" single, but let it be known that the humor is null this time around. Being the hexed victims of a massive Greek financial crisis there is no room for it.

From the fully pissed off screamer "Mr. George" to the smashing "Koritsi Stin Akti" (sung entirely in Greek) "Bazooka" also resurrects the out of print and sought after single on France's Inch Allah label, including the mentally tortured anthem "Shame Take My Brain." Saturated with fuzzed out rumblers from a dark place we dare not glance at, this record somehow yields perfect melodies trying to claw their way out of Bazooka's decimated destinies.

Preview here (and see the complete tracklist):


Release date:
13 May 2013 Europe
21 May 2013 Rest of World

European Customers order here:

Rest of world order here:

Let's go back. How far back? Back to 2005, in Thessaloniki, Greece. A crew of degenerates called KOMODINA 3 records an album, makes 80 compact disc copies, hand-delivers them to some local kooks and then decide to not drive to their only show because it's too cold out (They never played live once. No joke). Fast forward to 2012. Slovenly Greek godz BAZOOKA and GAY ANNIVERSARY are touring Europe with Slovenly owner Pete Menchetti in tow, play him a pirated copy of said disc in the van, and that is IT! It is now with dubious enthusiasm that we present this mysterious Greek freek punk rock beater officially, and on wax for the first time ever.

What we have here is the disastrous, teeth-grinding missing link between The Penetrators "Kings of Basement Rock" LP, The Rip Offs uber-classic "Got A Record," and whatever other garage punk shit you're listening to now, like if WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! were covering the Killed By Death catalog instead of Back From The Grave. Komodina 3 is a budget-rock anomaly recorded in radically separated stereophonic sound. Ridiculous dumpster drums augmented by a childish assortment of cheap shaking devices, cheesy Farfisa Compact organ just the way we like it, guitars that'll have you reaching for your itch-powder, and juvenile A.D.D. vocals (sung entirely in Greek!) that numb your cerebellum like the earliest SPITS recordings.

Preview here (and see the complete tracklist):
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