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Posted: Apr 2, 2008 11:11 am
YOU’RE WELCOME " THe BAcksliders (Self-released)
The new album by Dallas band THe BAcksliders fairly explodes out of the gate with “You’re Gonna Miss Me” (no, not that one; this here’s a different batch of Texans), Taylor Young thrashing and bashing and filling maniacally at every opportunity as though Keith Moon were the only other drummer who ever existed. For this, their sophomore shiny silver disc, Chris Bonner and Kim Pendleton have managed to capture more of their live show’s electric energy than they were able to harness on their self-titled debut disc, and they also raise the stakes with their songwriting " the solid underpinning without which all their onstage sass and swagger would be just so much sound ‘n’ fury, signifying nada. Make no mistake, kids: this is a pop rekkid, albeit one with fangs and claws, chockfull of no-fooling memorable/hummable toons.

Guitar-slinger Bonner’s a songwriter whose tuneage is reminiscent of Elvis Costello’s in the way it draws from different musics " country, soul, and Brill Building pop. His chanteuse wife puts ‘em across with a classic set of pipes that’s part Patsy Cline, part Mary Weiss. (Perhaps realizing where his band’s strengths lie, Bonner 86’d his own Costello-like voxxx for this record.) The band " stripped down and simple, no-frills guitar-bass-drums -- always maintains a high Rawk quotient, kinda like the Mooney Suzuki when they first hit, but less cartoon-like, and way sexier. The 'proximate model, then, becomes something like “Wanda Jackson fronting the Attractions,” minus the silly Farfisa: fundamentals only, please.

Thus, second song on the disc “Typically I Don’t Mind” opens with a George Harrison slide guitar fillip before double-tracked Kim makes her entrance, harmonizing with herself like a one-woman Shangri-Las (a recurring theme here) over Taylor’s propulsive bash ‘n’ thump. “Wedding Day” boasts a jumpy, minimal beat and Beatlesque melody, with Chris’ guitar slashing away on the two and four. “I Got Mine” could really be a femme-sung outtake from Armed Forces.

You’re Welcome is paced like a good live set, and so THe BAcksliders are halfway through it before they slow things down with the “Pass On All Your Fears,” an R&B ballad that Kim sings with a soulful rasp in her voice. “Fat Girls” sounds like the single here, possessing more hooks per minute than yer average rock song; Taylor Young definitely wins “Album MVP” honors on the merits of his stickwork on this track alone. “Love Field” (that’s the Dallas airport JFK flew into on November 22, 1963, kids) is a Beatlesque confection with piano by Nathan Adamson. The band’s countryish side, so evident on their debut, finally rears its head near the end of thisun, on the wistful acoustic “Someone Has Broken.” After a couple more rockers, things close with “Cry,” another ballad in the grand old style that has Kim emoting over a bolero beat. Short and sweet: 13 songs in 33 minutes and change, all killer with no filler.

Check ‘em out. Cop via www.thebacksliders.com. - Ken Shimamoto

Posted: Apr 2, 2008 11:11 am
Heres a review:

YOU’RE WELCOME �" THe BAcksliders (Self-released)
The ne
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