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Goner Message Board / Memphis / JEFFREY AND THE PACEMAKERS SUNDAY MARCH 30th .... 4-7PM!
Posted: Mar 25, 2008 3:57 pm
Yet another afternoon jangle extravaganza of you know what by you know who.
We will be there even if the Tigers are on tv.
Bucc Chuck said they will put a tv on the patio if the weather is nice and the Tigers win Friday night...I mean WHEN the Tigers win Friday night.

Either way, Bucc Chuck says it's a go.

Come on out...and bring somebody with ya.
Posted: Mar 25, 2008 4:32 pm
I mean WHEN the Tigers win Friday night.

How can you even think otherwise!
You might want to rephrase your invitation!
Posted: Mar 26, 2008 2:26 pm
Maybe WE'LL play Everlys if the 1-4-5s don't.
Posted: Mar 26, 2008 2:41 pm
Maybe WE'LL play Everlys if the 1-4-5s don't.

there's enough catalog to go around!

and i would certainly like to hear YOU sing some Everlys, man. that would be SWEET
Posted: Mar 26, 2008 3:19 pm | Edited by: Golightly
He's a Bird Dog.
I'm Cathy's Clown.
Posted: Mar 28, 2008 1:04 pm
Or, we could just do that Eddie Rabbit medley as we've been threatening.
Hey, we know JPK's a fan. . .
Posted: Mar 29, 2008 9:55 am
Hell yeah!
Tigers on at 1:20pm....game over by gig time.
Come celebrate the victory with the Pacemakers!
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 8:43 am
Hey Hey it's Today!
Looks like a perfect day for inside tom foolery.
I don't mind
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 3:15 pm | Edited by: miss linda
I'm Melting!@#$*
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 4:00 pm
hey, i'm in tennessee but not memphis
have a great gig
see ya next time!
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 4:25 pm
would the eddie rabbit medley include kentucky rain. if so i can dig it!
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 9:03 pm
One of the bestest gigs yet...Bells of Rhymney...He Was A Friend Of Mine....Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White...Whatcha Gonna Do About It...Any Way You Want it...and of course..I Love A Rainy Night.
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 9:23 pm
Any Way You Want it
by Journey?
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 11:22 pm
and your bird can sing, thanks y'all
Posted: Mar 31, 2008 7:41 am
Any Way You Want it
by Journey?

Of course
Posted: Mar 31, 2008 8:43 am | Edited by: JPK
Maybe WE'LL play Everlys if the 1-4-5s don't.

Forgot all about that at the gig. Dang.

and of course..I Love A Rainy Night.

AW MAN!!!!!
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